Alex Safian, PhD

More Video Evidence of Rockets Fired from Residential Gaza

A France24 video report shows children playing next to a rocket launcher just outside the hotel used by many foreign journalists. Next to the hotel is a residential apartment building, and within 100 meters of the site a large, modern UN building. The report also shows a rocket being launched from the site on a previous night.

BBC: Israel, Gaza and Hamas

BBC interviews of Israeli spokesman Mark Regev, UNRWA spokesman Chris Gunness, and Hamas leader Khalid Meshall illustrate, once again, the BBC's profound bias against Israel and in favor of Israel's critics, even if they are, like, Meshall, genocidal jihadists.

Excessive Force: Israel, Hamas and the Gaza Conflict

The recent fighting between Israel and Hamas has led to charges Israel is employing disproportionate and excessive force. Are these charges justified? How does Israeli use of force compare to that by other countries and by the UN itself?

Top Nine Gaza Media Myths

With Israeli ground forces now fighting in Gaza, after ceaseless Hamas attacks against Israel, the usual media myths and misrepresentations about Gaza are being recycled, with some new ones thrown in.

Nicholas Kristof Does it Again

New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof, whose last column on the conflict between Hamas and Israel was wildly off target, misfires again in his current column, Who's Right and Wrong in the Middle East? Maybe he should try a different topic.

Nicholas Kristof Targets Israel

Nicolas KristofWith rare exceptions the New York Times just can't get it right on Israel, and the op-ed page is no exception. The latest example: a column by Nicholas Kristof, which says Israel has a right to defend itself from Hamas rocket attacks, then immediately reverses course.

NY Times Double Standard Strikes Again

The New York Times has done it again. While it jumps to issue blanket, front page condemnations of Israeli society as "racist" whenever the opportunity arises, such sweeping moral conclusions seem to be absent when the target isn't Israel.

As Hamas Targets Israel, Erlanger and the NY Times Join In

After three Israeli teens were murdered by Palestinian terrorists, and one Palestinian teen was murdered by Jewish terrorists, Steven Erlanger could reach only one conclusion: Jewish teens hate Arabs and Israeli society is to blame.

UPDATED: Anti-Israel Ads on Boston Public Transit System

A new series of blatantly false anti-Israel ads have begun running on the Boston public transit system, known as the MBTA, recycling the usual discredited charges, such as alleged Israeli apartheid and alleged theft of "Palestinian" land.