Alex Safian, PhD

As Hamas Targets Israel, Erlanger and the NY Times Join In

After three Israeli teens were murdered by Palestinian terrorists, and one Palestinian teen was murdered by Jewish terrorists, Steven Erlanger could reach only one conclusion: Jewish teens hate Arabs and Israeli society is to blame.

UPDATED: Anti-Israel Ads on Boston Public Transit System

A new series of blatantly false anti-Israel ads have begun running on the Boston public transit system, known as the MBTA, recycling the usual discredited charges, such as alleged Israeli apartheid and alleged theft of "Palestinian" land.

The New York Times Discovers “False Claims”

The New York Times seems to accept without question charges of Israeli brutality, but with other countries the paper can still muster the usual journalistic impulses to actually fact-check and doubt.

With Ariel Sharon’s Death, Expect the Usual Falsehoods

Ariel SharonWith the death of former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon the usual media falsehoods about him, for example regarding Sabra and Shatilla, or the sparking of the second intifada, once again need to be of debunked.

Ari Shavit’s Lydda Massacre

New Yorker Ari Shavit's Lydda, 1948 is yet another dreary effort at putting Israel under the microscope, at indicting the Jews and Zionists for their many sins, whether real or, as in this New Yorker article, imagined.

Jodi Rudoren Won’t Be “Schooled”

Jodi RudorenWhen billionaire Sheldon Adelson told journalists that Palestinians refer to Jews as sons of apes and pigs, and that perhaps Palestinian nationalism might be of recent vintage, New York Times bureau chief Jodi Rudoren scoffed. But Rudoren should have listened – Adelson was right.

Why 1948 Matters More Than Ever

David Ben-GurionThe competing "narratives" about the War of Independence lie at the heart of the Arab-Israeli conflict. If, as the Arabs and most Europeans believe, Israel was born in original sin, if the Jews really did ransack placid Arab villages, then Arab hatred for Israel would be understandable, as would their fundamental refusal to really make peace. But the Arab narrative is wrong – Israel was not born in original sin. Once the Arabs finally face the facts, a peaceful end to the conflict might be possible.