Alex Safian, PhD

Glenn Beck on the Itamar Murders

Glenn Beck on the Itamar MurdersGlenn Beck of FoxNews presented, in his programs on March 14 and 15, a moving and obviously heartfelt analysis of the murders of Udi and Ruth Fogel, and their children Yoav (11), Elad (4), and Hadas (3 months old), residents of the Israeli community of Itamar.

John Mearsheimer: Often in Error, Never in Doubt

John MearsheimerJohn Mearsheimer has made a habit of mangling the basic facts about Israel and the Middle East. Here he stumbles over the history of the 1973 Arab-Israeli War, once again unintentionally refuting his central claims about the malign influence of the pro-Israel lobby.

Juan Williams and NPR’s Taxpayer Funding

Juan WilliamsAfter NPR fired Juan Williams, its leader Vivian Schiller defended her network, in part, by claiming that it's a purely private organization that gets essentially "zero" taxpayer funding. This claim is blatantly false – NPR could not survive without taxpayer funding.

New York Times Hypes Nonstory on Nonprofits

Ethan BronnerPublishing a front-page story of almost 5000 words on contributions to US-based non-profits that focus on Israel, the New York Times sends a clear and false message to its readers: attention must be paid to the significant news we have uncovered.

Latest Video Clips — Gaza Flotilla Incident

Knives found on boardVideo clips illustrate the violent, preplanned attacks using knives and metal clubs carried out by "unarmed peace activists" against Israeli soldiers. Some of the knives found on the ship are pictured above.

National Geographic, Israel and Water: The Facts

National Geographic's Parting the Waters, about Israeli and Palestinian use of water really just parts from the truth. To cite just one of many deceptions, it leads readers to believe there are no Palestinian swimming pools – like the one pictured above, in Jenin.

Israel’s Right to Blockade Gaza and to Interdict Shipping

Under international law Israel is within its rights to establish a maritime blockade of the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, and to arrest "peace activists" on board vessels attempting to run the blockade, since Hamas is a hostile entity engaged in illegal armed confiict against Israeli civilians.

A Checkpoint Checkup

Crowded QalandiaThe AP reported on how long it takes Palestinians to get through the "humiliating" Qalandia checkpoint near Jerusalem. They omitted that it was quicker than travelers get through security checkpoints at some major US airports.

After Detroit Terror Attack Fails, Diane Sawyer Profiles Israel

Diane SawyerFollowing the failed terror attack on Northwest Airlines, ABC's Diane Sawyer and Pierre Thomas falsely charged that Israeli security, while effective, profiles Muslims. In fact, Israel profiles for terrorism, not for race, religion or ethnicity.