Andrea Levin

Media Votes No On Israeli Democracy

In a period of deep national trauma that included assassination of its prime minister, unprecedented terrorism on the streets of its cities, and wrenching internal debate over issues of national survival, the Israeli public went to the polls in orderly form and voted for a new government.

Media Mangles Land Issues

Television footage, photo images and news reports in recent years have relentlessly embellished a simple–and false–message: Israel ruthlessly demolishes the dwellings of Arabs, denying them needed housing, while vast, concrete Jewish apartment developments rise on every hillside...

Media Bury Israeli Dead

Statistics bare stark truths. What they reveal about media coverage of atrocities committed against Israelis is a relentless lack of interest–despite, at the same time, intense journalistic focus on other events in Israel.

Big Lie on Campus

Jewish students on American campuses today enjoy a unique and unenviable distinction–they are members of the only group targeted by high-profile hate-mongers, including Khalid Muhammed, Tony Martin, Louis Farrakhan, Israel Shahak, Noam Chomsky, Ralph Schoenman and innumerable other lesser-known figures.

Conflict of Interest Fits NPR Bias

Whether Israel is battling intifada violence, collecting her dead after terror attacks or ceding unprecedented land and power to the Palestinians, tax-supported NPR consistently promotes the Arab agenda. Factual error, distortion, story choice and rhetorical slant all work to tilt the story...

Conscience a la Mode

New York Times' columnist Anthony Lewis recently wrote that journalists "who live by freedom of the press must recognize that sometimes the freedom can be perverted..." Regrettably this was not an expression of self-discovery and penitence at the perversion of his own op-ed pulpit into a decades-long skein of anti-Israel distortion, falsehood and unsubstantiated allegation...

Fabricated Quotes Fit to Print at New York Times

As in the case of so much journalism today, the words are high-minded and the self-congratulatory claims of unstinting rigor constant while the actual product is a depressing testament to shoddiness and bias - and New York Times columnist Jonathan Kuttab is no exception.

The Anti-Israel Rant of Robert Fisk

Usual fare on cable TV's Discovery Channel — documentaries about inventions, nature, and archeology — gave way recently to an unabashedly anti-Israel series entitled "Beirut to Bosnia" and reported by British journalist Robert Fisk.

Public Radio: Hatreds Newsworthy and Not

Boasting a constituency drawn heavily from America's best educated and most politically active, National Public Radio enjoys a unique vantage from which to reach and influence policy-makers.