Andrea Levin

Public Radio: Hatreds Newsworthy and Not

Boasting a constituency drawn heavily from America's best educated and most politically active, National Public Radio enjoys a unique vantage from which to reach and influence policy-makers.

Mindless in Gaza

Why would an independent-minded reporter respected for his mettle in covering tough stories produce a hackneyed attack on Israel?

Elizabeth Fernea’s “Struggle for Peace”

Over the last decade the Public Broadcasting Service, supported by tax dollars, viewer contributions and, increasingly, by private corporations and foundations, has aired at least fifteen documentaries on the Arab-Israeli conflict, and no more than three of these can reasonably be described as balanced.

Middle East Warp

Henry Kissinger's observation of Anthony Lewis, "He's always wrong," applies not only to the columnist's colossal misappraisals of the murderous Khmer Rouge and the Ayatollah Khomeini, and to his inane prediction that the Gulf War would become another Vietnam, but, most aptly, to his relentless misrepresentations of truth about Israel and the Middle East