Andrea Levin

The New York Times’s Fulbright Campaign (Cont)

The New York Times continues a veritable campaign on behalf of Palestinian Fulbright winners living in Gaza, charging the United States has once again "reneged" on providing three of them visas. Omitted is key information about the students' affiliation with the Islamic University of Gaza, a Hamas stronghold.

The Silence of the New York Times

NY TimesThe New York Times' faulty news judgement has struck again – front page coverage of the seven Palestinian students in Gaza who were temporarily denied their Fulbright scholarships, but none of a major French court decision in the famed Muhammad al Dura case. The court decided in favor of a critic's right to charge the event was a "hoax."

CAMERA Op-Ed in Jerusalem Post: “First, Refute the Defamation”

Col. Nir PressCAMERA's Op-Ed, published on April 21 in the Jerusalem Post, discusses an example of how media coverage greatly benefitted from swift and effective response by Israeli officials, and concludes that nothing in the war of ideas and images takes the place of the all-important work of refuting defamation.

Dvorkin Agonistes

Jeffrey DvorkinCAMERA apparently got under the skin of former NPR Ombudsman Jeffrey Dvorkin — really under the skin — during its intensive campaign against NPR's pervasive anti-Israel bias. Years later, in a comic and incoherent piece in, Dvorkin is still railing against CAMERA.

Ha’aretz Editor Urges U.S. to “Rape” Israel

At a private meeting of some 20 journalists with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in September 2007, Ha'aretz Editor David Landau urged the U.S. to "rape" Israel — to force a settlement on the country.

Bias in Vogue

Why is the only non-fashion, non-commercial, non-beauty related article patently tilted against Israel?

CAMERA Column: Correcting Carter’s 242 Distortion

In the controversy over Jimmy Carter's error-ridden new book, the role of publisher Simon & Schuster has been ignored. The publisher is not willing to assure the factual merit of the book or to redress its errors.