Eric Rozenman

Washington Post Re-Runs ‘Palestinian Narrative’ Through U.N.

  The Washington Post seized on the departure of an unimportant U.N. official from a secondary position to highlight, as if it were news, the Palestinian narrative about an unrebuilt Gaza Strip and lack of peace between Israel and Palestinian Arabs.

Saeb Erekat — Highly Visible, Highly Unreliable

Palestinian chief negotiator Saeb Erekat is a news media favorite. CAMERA's Washington Jewish Week Op-Ed caught Al-Jazeera America letting Erekat do what he does chronically—fabricate.

Baltimore Sun Op-Ed on Israel, Iran Draws CAMERA Correction

An Op-Ed by a former Baltimore Sun foreign correspondent on the invitation to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to speak to the U.S. Congress about Iran's nuclear program suffered from Israel derangement syndrome. A CAMERA letter to the editor provided an antidote.