Lee Green

New York Times Alert: Small Words with a Big Impact

Words matter. In the Dec. 8, 2002 “Week in Review” section of the New York Times, a deceptive, opinion-laden adjective was included in a news-brief written by reporter Michael Wines: “After 26 months of Palestinian suicide bombings and pitiless Israeli retaliation, is there light at the end of the tunnel?”Pitiless is a word for those who blow up Israeli toddlers, school children and grandmothers going about their daily lives. Why is it applied to Israelis who are acting in self-defense against the savagery directed against them?

Palestinians Cheer Carnage

In an August 7, 2002, Wall St. Journal op-ed, Michael Oren explores one of the key obstacles to peace -- a Palestinian culture so adrift from civilized norms that it celebrates the brutal murder of civilians.

Commend 48 Hours For Informative Show

On Wednesday, January 30, CBS's “48 Hours” news program featured terrorism expert Steve Emerson and the work he is doing to expose supporters of terrorism here in America.