Monica Cooper

ReVista Op-Ed in Ynet: “Demonizing Israel in Spain”

The daily newspaper El Paí­s is considered the “leader of the mainstream press in Spain.” Its correspondent in Israel, Juan Miguel Muñoz, poisons Spanish understanding of the conflict with his consistently anti-Israel coverage.

Pro-Chavez Web site Features Anti-Semitism

Anti-Semitic and anti-Israel invective fills the pages of a Venezualan Web Site, Aporrea, that was founded by Chavez supporters and is linked to a diplomat currently serving in San Francisco.

UPDATED: Maruja Torres in El País Attacks CAMERA

Updated, August 27. Apparently uncomfortable with freedom of speech and the public’s right to challenge the media, Spanish commentator Maruja Torres leveled a frontal assault on CAMERA in a May 1st column in Madrid’s El Paí­s newspaper.