Ricki Hollander

The Media and Ahed Tamimi

Palestinian teen Ahed Tamimi has been groomed by her parents to put herself in danger and become a child fighter in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. They are encouraging others to engage in violence too. Their successes are due to those in the international media who promote their message while ignoring inconvenient truths.

New York Times Downplays Judaism’s Ties to Jerusalem

The New York Times engaged in historical revisionism about Jerusalem with the publication of a lengthy background essay that minimizes historic Jewish ties to the city and is filled with erroneous assertions, misleading quotes and belittling aspersions about Jewish belief.

Jewish Journalism: Focus on The Forward

There is a disturbing trend within certain Jewish journalistic circles to conform to the extreme, “progressive” zeitgeist in which religious values, Jewish leaders and most of all, the Jewish state and its supporters are consistently condemned. And nowhere is this trend as pronounced as at The Forward under the helm of editor‑in‑chief Jane Eisner.

NPR Skews the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

NPR journalists are once again flouting their media outlet's ethical guidelines and delivering an inaccurate, incomplete and skewed version of the news about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

NYT: Shaping Perceptions of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

The New York Times did not publish quotes from the campaign of incitement by Palestinian leaders or describe the enactment of anti-Israeli violence at a Hamas camp. And it did not report on the terrorist stabbing of an Israeli civilian, likely a result of such incitement. What did it emphasize instead?

The Making of a Terrorist

On Aug. 2, 2017, a Palestinian teenager savagely stabbed a man stocking shelves in a Yavne supermarket, leaving the victim fighting for his life. Instead of portraying such brutality as "lone wolf" attacks, as the media often does, CAMERA suggests journalists examine the connection between Palestinian summer camps and the making of a terroist.

Backgrounder: The Battle Over Jerusalem and the Temple Mount

Once again, the dishonest battle cry to "defend" the Al Aqsa mosque from Jewish plans of takeover, is being cynically used  as a clarion call for violent jihad. It is the latest salvo in a war against Judaism's legacy in Jerusalem. CAMERA provides background on the battle over the Temple Mount, which is based on Muslim claims of supremacy and fought on multiple political and violent battlefronts.

The New York Times: Misleading by Omission

A New York Times' article about a July 14th Palestinian terror attack in Jerusalem contains no falsehoods or errors, but nevertheless manages to mislead readers both about Jerusalem and its holy sites, as well as the motives behind the events.