Ziv Kaufman

Dana Milbank Sets Fire to His Washington Post Column

Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank called Benjamin Netanyahu's comparison of the Islamic State with Hamas “incendiary.” He called Mahmoud Abbas' charge of Israeli “genocide” … nothing. Not worth his notice, apparently.

Brookings Doha Gaza Analysis Tarnishes Brookings D.C.

The Brookings Institution is an old-line, Washington, D.C. establishment think tank, leaning center-left. Brookings Doha, its six-year-old Qatari affiliate, may be something else again, judging by its location and a recent analysis of the Israel-Hamas war by its research director.

CAMERA Counters News & Observer ‘Misplaced Anger’

Israel's “inhumane acts” in the Gaza Strip were the target of a News & Observer (Raleigh, N.C.) letter-writer. A CAMERA rebuttal exposed the misguided critic's false premises for the paper's audience in the state's universities-research “Triangle” region.

NPR’s Diane Rehm Plays Gaza Wild Card: Herself

When Israel is the topic, moderator Diane Rehm tends to tilt the guest list on her National Public Radio show in a pro-Arab direction. When that is not enough, she puts her own hand on the scale. Case in point: Her July 22 broadcast.