Douglas Jehl

CAMERA Op-Ed: How Terrorists and Tyrants Do PR

Terrorist groups have their own public relations methods. And they involve controlling, intimidating and blindfolding the press, as CAMERA notes in The Washington Examiner.

CAMERA Op-Ed: Access and Ethics at the New York Times

Like CNN, the New York Times aims to cover the globe, even from inside despotic regimes. Yet ethical compromise is inevitable in the controlled realms of dictators and medieval monarchs. Language must not offend, nor can there be reminders of unflattering policies and events. Watchful officials keep records, and journalists pay a price for perceived infractions.

West Bank Water and New York Times Stereotypes

Douglas Jehl got just about everything wrong in his New York Times story about water problems in Hebron - misrepresenting the nation's role in providing water to the Palestinians, omitting entirely Palestinian water obligations under Oslo and focusing almost exclusively on denunciations of Israel.