Gillian Findlay

ABC’s Gillian Findlay Does it Again

In recent months, ABC News has unabashedly aired inaccurate, biased reports minimizing or all together ignoring Palestinian violence, while at the same time focusing solely on Israeli military actions.

Jews Rampage, Arabs Demonstrate

In coverage of the current violence between Palestinians and Israel, many news correspondents are using lop-sided language in reporting on Jewish attacks against Arabs versus Arab attacks against Jews...

Thumbs Down to Gillian Findlay

THUMBS DOWN to ABC News' Jerusalem correspondent Gillian Findlay for biased, hostile reporting that belittles Israel's entirely legitimate security concerns. In a report on "World News Sunday" (September 5, 1999), Findlay told of simultaneous terrorist bombings in Tiberius and Haifa that wounded a number of Israelis. She said: "In the past, attacks like these were often used by Israel as a pretext for freezing peace agreements."