HDS (David) Greenway

Boston Globe Corrects Arafat Error

The Boston Globe and columnist H.D.S. Greenway have corrected the erroneous claim that Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat died while in a bunker under Israeli siege.

Maligning Sharon

In the wake of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's serious medical problems, Op-Ed writers and reporters have published numerous retrospective pieces trying to sum-up the Israeli leader's career. Some are nothing but anti-Sharon screeds, while others, though somewhat more responsible, repeat many of the same discredited allegations that have long been used by polemicists to unfairly malign the Israeli leader.

CAMERA Prompts Boston Globe Correction on Greenway Column

In an Aug. 27 Boston Globe column, H.D.S. Greenway erroneously claimed that in a 1996 report written for Benjamin Netanyahu, Richard Perle called for the United States to overthrow Saddam Hussein "to increase Israel's strategic position." CAMERA alerted the Globe that Perle's report made no such suggestion, and a correction ran yesterday.

CAMERA Op-Ed: Euro-bias in Boston

The Boston Globe's H.D.S. Greenway, now retired from editorial posts at the paper, frequently devotes his weekly column to distorted hectoring of Israel. He inveighs against alleged Israeli faults, passes forgivingly over Palestinian rejectionism, and is often slippery with the facts.

Thumbs Down to David Greenway

THUMBS DOWN to David Greenway, Editorial Page Editor of the Boston Globe, for many highly distorted editorials about Israel. Routine references to Israel as a "colonial" master were compounded by a stunning June 8, 1995, column entitled "Normality in the Mideast."