Isabel Kershner

New York Times Suppresses Kerry Condemnation of Palestinian Incitement

Secretary of State John Kerry said Palestinian incitement was directly responsible for yesterday's brutal murder of Jews praying in a Jerusalem synagogue. His comments were initially reported but later scrubbed by a newspaper historically adverse to covering Palestinian incitement.

The ABC’s of Media Spin: The NYT and A Terror Attack

An NYT news story about a terrorist attack at a Jerusalem light rail stop qualified it as Israeli claims and quickly redirected readers away from the facts of Palestinian violence to focus on Israel's alleged misdeeds. By cherry-picking what facts to share with readers and how to frame them, The New York Times once again demonstrated its biased treatment of Israel.

Bias at New York Times is Headline News

The New York Times story, "Cease-Fire in Gaza Expires, and Strikes Resume," on the end of the 72-hour ceasefire between Hamas and Israel, was yet another illustration of the paper's seeming inability to cover Israel fairly and accurately.

NY Times’s Page-One Anti-Israel Bias

The New York Times' anti-Israel bias is on prominent display today with a highly skewed page-one headline. Completely inverting reality, the headline declares: "Israel presses air barrage and Hamas strikes back."

More Advocacy Journalism at The New York Times

The New York Times' current post-mortem on the US-brokered Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations, demonstrate yet again the abandonment of journalistic objectivity in order to blame Israel. This overtly partisan article could more aptly have been entitled "How Israel Undermined the Peace Process."

Bigotry, The NYT and Israel

Times indifference to extreme anti-Israel bigotry in Palestinian culture continues to help encourage more of the same, all the while the paper loudly deplores far lesser instances of Israeli prejudice. Publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. seems unaware of the damage to the paper's reputation.

The New York Times’ Broken Moral Compass

The New York Times indicts the morality of Israeli society on page one, above the fold. Isabel Kershner writes that "the poisoned political environment around the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has affected the moral compass of youths growing up within it."

On Refugees and Racism, a Double Standard Against Israel

Recent press attention has focused on the repatriation of illegal African migrants from Israel. Very little of it has explained the context and difficult challenges facing Israel as a result of large-scale illegal immigration, particularly by non-Jews. None has included mention of Israel's history of welcoming refugees from around the globe.