Johann Hari

Johann Hari’s Interview Fakery

A journalist as indifferent to the facts regarding Israel as Hari, not surprisingly, is unprincipled in covering a lot of other topics as well.

Colleague Takes Gideon Levy to Task

CAMERA frequently documents the outrageous and defamatory lies of anti-Israel journalist Gideon Levy. A fellow Israeli journalist, reaching the same conclusion, has now spoken out sharply against Levy.

Johann Hari’s Tirade Against Israel

British columnist Johann Hari's writings on Israel reflect a worrisome trend of fabricating facts and misrepresenting the words of Israel's founders in order to demonize the Jewish state.

Johann Hari’s Mud-Slinging

The Independent's Johann Hari blames allegedly untreated sewage from Jewish settlements for a "stinking brown-and yellow-river of waste" on Palestinian land, when in fact it is Palestinian sewage which is dumped completely untreated.

A Promising Career at the Independent

Johann Hari, an up-and-coming writer known for his praise of  Hugo Chavez, has become a regular contributor to London's Independent. An ideological soulmate of Robert Fisk's, Hari merges anti-Zionist rhetoric with anti-Jewish themes.