Laura King

NY Times, LA Times Falsehood: PM Netanyahu Shut Courts

Media outlets falsely report that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shut Israel's courts, citing him as a prime example of an "authoritarian" national leader engaging in a "coronavirus coup." In fact, Justice Minister Amir Ohana, a Netanyahu ally, curtailed court activity without closing the institutions, a move backed by Supreme Court justice Esther Hayut.

The LA Times’ Contiguity Contortions

The Los Angeles Times falsely maintains that Palestinians will not be able to travel freely north and south in the West Bank once the Ma'aleh Adumim building plan is implemented. In fact, three routes are available for Palestinian travel in the area, and a fourth is on the way.

Updated: LA Times Minimizes Jewish Ties to Eastern Jerusalem

In a June 7 Los Angeles Times article dealing, to a large extent, with competing Arab and Jewish claims to Jerusalem, Los Angeles Times bureau chief Laura King repeatedly adopts tendentious language which wrongly minimizes Jewish ties to the city.

LA Times Slants Israel’s Gaza Mission

An October 17 Los Angeles Times article by Laura King and Fayed Abu Shammalah, "Palestinians Return to Scenes of Ruin," follows the pattern typical for slanted reports on Israeli military operations against Palestinian terrorists and their infrastructure.

Laura King’s Recurring Blind Spot

Laura King's July 24 article in the Los Angeles Times about the latest events in the Gaza Strip is a continuation of the journalist's pattern of failure in reporting on a striking phenomenon–Palestinian residents of Beit Hanoun opposing the use of their neighborhoods by Palestinian fighters to launch attacks against Israel

CAMERA Column: The LA Times Swerves Off the ‘High Road’

As word of Los Angeles Times Editor John S. Carroll's address on journalistic ethics spread across the Internet, critics were riled by his assertion that the Times is committed to taking the "high road" in comparison to other media outlets nationwide, which are engaging in "pseudo-journalism." What so incensed Carroll's detractors is the abundant evidence that the Los Angeles Times itself is derelict in getting the facts right, as well as in correcting factual errors.