Molly Moore

      A Hole in the Story

      Washington Post coverage of the allegation that a Pentagon official passed secret U.S. information about Iran to Israel via American pro-Israel lobbyists contains a striking omission. It's one CAMERA has pointed out before regarding Post coverage touching on Iran's alleged nuclear weapons program.

      WASHINGTON POST-WATCH: A Tale of Two Papers

      At the Washington Post, Palestinian responsibility for their own circumstances is not news. If Palestinian action causes immediate injury and death to other Palestinians, let alone to Jews, it's barely news.

      WASHINGTON POST-WATCH: Moore Omissions

      CAMERA has charged that Washington Post coverage of Arab-Israeli news is notable for what's omitted rather than what's reported. A page one story in the July 1 Post illustrates the problem.

      When Moore is Less at the Washington Post

      Correspondent Molly Moore’s often problematic coverage of Israeli-Palestinian news is highlighted by her dispatch, “A Leader's Conflicting Impulses; Palestinian Is Known for Strong Views, but Shuns Confrontation,” page one, The Washington Post, May 10.