Neil MacFarquhar

Netanyahu U.N. Speech Buried by the Times

In contrast to many papers, The New York Times signaled disregard for a major address by Israel's Prime Minister, burying it at the end of a story by Neil MacFarquhar.

CAMERA Obtains NYT/IHT Correction on Palestinian Refugees

CAMERA obtained corrections in the New York Times and the International Herald Tribune regarding a Dec. 16, 2004 news analysis by Neil MacFarquhar which grossly inflated the number of Palestinian refugees inhabiting refugee camps since 1948.

New York Times Quneitra Claims Contradicted by Times Own Reporting

The New York Times is the latest media outlet to rehash at face value false Syrian charges that Israel destroyed the town of Quneitra just before returning it to Syria. Times reporter Neil MacFarquhar (In Long Ruined City, Talk of Lifting the Clouds of War, Oct. 22, 2004) apparently made little effort to fact check the Syrian claims, by, for example, searching his own and other newspaper's archives to learn the actual history of the town.