Serge Schmemann

New York Times Censors PA Incitement Against Israel

Reporting on Hamas threats to take revenge against Israelis and Jews around the world, the New Yok Times continues to whitewash Palestinian Authority incitement - Serge Schmemann writes "So far, Mr. Arafat and his officials have avoided either blaming or exonerating Israel in the slaying, saying the investigation is continuing."

In Their Own Words

In June, a CAMERA mailing alerted members to many of the recurring problems of biased coverage of Israel by the New York Times, the nation's most influential newspaper.

New York Times Twists Oslo

Comply with Oslo or face the consequences. That was the Israeli message to its Palestinian negotiating partner when it issued a detailed account of the Palestinian Authority's stunning failure to adhere to the landmark accords...

Schmemann Leads the Herd

The herd impulse among members of the media, the aversion to deviating from views of other journalists, is especially pernicious in coverage of Israel where the guiding thesis today is a simple one: "Hardline" Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has disrupted, if not wrecked, an otherwise promising peace process in the Middle East.

Media Votes No On Israeli Democracy

In a period of deep national trauma that included assassination of its prime minister, unprecedented terrorism on the streets of its cities, and wrenching internal debate over issues of national survival, the Israeli public went to the polls in orderly form and voted for a new government.