Ahmed Yousef

Palestinian Spokesmen Rely on Time-Tested Tactic

Since there are no good arguments for the Palestinian rocket attacks against Israel, Palestinian spokesmen resort to fabrications to bolster their cause. They are joined by UNRWA's Karen Abu Zayd.

Ha’aretz Prints Hamas Op-Ed Full of Falsehoods

In a Ha'aretz Op-Ed, Hamas' Ahmed Yousef erases the terror group's involvement in suicide bombings and rocket attacks and grossly exaggerates Palestinian casualties. His false claims are contradicted by Ha'aretz's own reporting.

Rev. Wall Soft-Pedals Hamas Extremism

James M. Wall, star columnist for Christian Century, the house organ for mainline Protestantism in the U.S., downplays Hamas rejectionism when he insists Israel and the United States should accept Hamas's hudna at face value.