Reem Alsalem

Fifty-Two UN “Experts” and Seven Major Lies

Fifty-two UN experts either didn’t bother to fact check their own statement or had no qualms about spreading lies about the Jewish state in order to accuse it of all manner of evils.

Tracing the Dubious Allegations of Sexual Violence Made Against Israeli Forces

The only source for the allegations of sexual violence by Israeli forces that several United Nations "experts" were willing to point to was a public report by an organization called Women's Centre for Legal Aid and Counseling (WCLAC). Given that this is all the public has to go on to scrutinize the allegations, it is worth examining WCLAC’s report.

Once Again, CNN Gives an Antisemite a Propaganda Platform

CNN bewilderingly decided to amplify an antisemite’s horrific allegations against the Jewish state, notwithstanding they lacked any supporting evidence, and without mentioning her extraordinary bias on the subject.