Benjamin Netanyahu

      The Washington Post’s Opinion Page Attacks Israel and Hides Iran

      In more than half a dozen op-eds and editorials, the Washington Post hides Iran's role in provoking the latest Israel-Hamas War. Instead, the newspaper resorts to publishing anti-Israel tirades, including from a former PLO spokesperson, and from someone who should—and not too long ago did—know better.

      The Washington Post Can’t Find the Culprit for the Israel-Hamas War

      The Washington Post can’t seem to find the culprit for the lack of peace between Israelis and Palestinians. It’s not Hamas. It’s not Fatah. Nor is it the Islamic Republic of Iran. Rather, the culprit, the Post suggests, is the Iron Dome missile defense system and Jewish homes being built in Jerusalem. This, the brave opinion writers at the newspaper suggest, are spurring on an attempted genocide of the Jewish people.

      UPDATED: The Washington Post’s Israel Problem

      The Washington Post has a problem. The newspaper's bias against the Jewish state is not only getting worse, it is getting harder to deny. Indeed, it's even becoming a joke to other journalists.

      A Promised Land: Obama’s Memoirs Malign Israel

      A Promised Land
      By Barack Obama
      Crown Publishing, 2020

      The first volume of the 44th American president's memoirs are filled with errors and omissions about Israel. And, as CAMERA's book review shows, they are all one-sided. Worse still, Obama even minimizes Palestinian terrorism.

      CAMERA Op-Ed: The Washington Post’s Appalling Editorial

      In a recent editorial, the Washington Post's deputy opinion editor, Jackson Diehl, uses unhinged language and compares Israel's democratic leader to Vladimir Putin. Diehl proceeds to omit crucial facts about both the so-called Iran Deal, as well as IRGC operative Mohsen Fakhrizadeh.