Benny Morris

Did Benny Morris Change His Views on Alleged Zionist Ethnic Cleansing Plan?

Daniel Blatman writes in Haaretz that Benny Morris (at left) contradicts his earlier research when he claims that pre-state Zionist leaders did not have a grand plan to expel Palestinian Arabs. Morris maintains that for decades his position has been consistent. Which historian is correct?

The Washington Post Ignores the Facts on Pappé

The Washington Post's profile of lecturer Ilan Pappe did not provide key context about why he is so reviled in Israel. The feature negligently omitted to mention Pappe's very open rejection of historical facts.

Norman Finkelstein, Benny Morris and Peace not Apartheid

Norman Finkelstein cites Israeli historian Benny Morris as an example of someone who agrees with Jimmy Carter's apartheid analogy. Morris makes clear that this is not true, describing Finkelstein as "a notorious distorter of facts."

Israel’s 50th, the New Historians and NPR

Israel's 50th anniversary with its outpouring of media coverage has been a numbing reminder of journalism's herd instinct, the tendency of reporters to imitate one another, repeating the same themes and citing the same experts...