Family Fogel

CAMERA Op-Ed: The New York Times and Itamar

The murder of five members of the Fogel family in Itamar prompted familiar circumlocutions and evasions by The New York Times where the killing of Jews is concerned. Rather than call it a "terrorist attack"— the family was said to have been killed by "intruders."

Ha’aretz Buries Fogel Funeral

Ha'aretz finds page-one space for settlement building, Tokyo, migrating cranes and new technology in archeology, but not for the burial of the five Fogels, including a toddler and an infant, brutally murdered in a Palestinian terror attack.

A Historical Perspective on the Itamar Killings

In the wake of a heinous terrorist attack in Itamar, a disturbing number of media reports focused on Israeli “settlements” as the primary problem afflicting the region.  Neglected were the historical parallels to grisly Arab terrorist attacks resulting from anti-Jewish incitement – all in the absence of settlements.