Jimmy Carter

CAMERA Column: Correcting Carter’s 242 Distortion

In the controversy over Jimmy Carter's error-ridden new book, the role of publisher Simon & Schuster has been ignored. The publisher is not willing to assure the factual merit of the book or to redress its errors.

Security Council Resolution 242 According to its Drafters

The main drafters of United Nations Security Council Resolution 242 — Lord Caradon, Eugene Rostow, Arthur Goldberg and Baron George-Brown — explain that Resolution 242 does not require Israel to return to the armistice lines established after Israel's War of Independence.

Mass Resignations from Carter Center

Fourteen members of the Carter Center advisory board have resigned after concluding that the Center’s founder, former president Jimmy Carter, has turned to "malicious advocacy" for the Palestinians and against Israel.

AD: Correct Carter’s Falsehoods

CAMERA ran this full-page ad calling on the publishers of Jimmy Carter's error-riddled book to correct its falsehoods.

UPDATED: Another Emory Professor Denounces Carter

The professor of anthropology cites Carter's "numerous and serious errors of commission and omission," and points to a passage in Palestine: Peace not Apartheid that "makes President Carter an apologist for terrorists."

Rev. Wall Fails to Disclose Connection to Carter Campaigns

In a piece defending Jimmy Carter’s book Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid, Rev. James Wall, senior contributing editor of Christian Century, fails to disclose that he ran the former president’s political campaigns in Illinois during the 1976 and 1980 elections.

CAMERA Rebuttal Published in Post-Gazette

After a column in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette heaped praise on Jimmy Carter's new book while ignoring the many substantive complaints about the book's errors and distortions, the newspaper published the following CAMERA rebuttal.

On CNN, Many More Carter Fabrications

The multiple factual errors in Jimmy Carter's interviews with Wolf Blitzer and Larry King suggest that the former president either has scant knowledge of the facts, or little desire to truthfully discuss those facts.

Carter Admits to Ignoring Key Source

Carter's stunning admission that he ignored the key resource on the Israeli-Palestinian  
peace process speaks volumes about his "scholarship."