Mahmoud Abbas

AP Takes “Hard Line” Against Israeli Negotiating Position

netanyahu abbas handshakeWhy does the Associated Press insist that Israel's call for immediate and unconditional direct negotiations reflects a "hard line," when it was the Palestinian side that consistantly refused to talk until their demands were met? And how did AP describe Israel when it was the side insisting on preconditions?

Abbas the “Relative Moderate”

The Palestinian Authority and its president, Mahmoud Abbas — moderate, or relative moderate? The Washington Post recently referred to Abbas' Fatah movement as "Hamas' relatively moderate rival." But "relative" to Hamas does not mean "moderate."

Fatah Follows “Moderate” Abbas’ Instructions

A suicide attack in Eilat followed a speech by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to a Fatah rally two weeks earlier exhorting Palestinians to avoid internecine fighting and direct their arms at Israeli "occupation" instead.

False Claim by Abbas Goes Unchallenged

Before the latest cease-fire, Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas was quoted without challenge saying that since the summer,"thousands of [Gazan] homes have been destroyed." But is this true?

The New York Times’ Knee-Jerk Editorial Bias

“A precipitous Israeli overreaction” is what a January 15, 2005 New York Times editorial labelled Israel’s decision to end all contact with the Palestinian Authority (PA) until it begins to take action against the type of terrorism unleashed against Israel on January 13.

Toles in a Cartoon World of His Own

Editorial cartoons – political commentary in illustrated form, usually with some attempt at humor – are intentionally subjective. That being the case, they generally escape critical analysis. But when the cartoonist's premise contradicts the essential facts of his subject matter, criticism is mandatory. So it is with Tom Toles' editorial cartoon in the Washington Post and the International Herald Tribune.

UPDATED: Tom Friedman’s Grudging Correction

Friedman admits he was wrong, sort of, about Israel's release of Palestinian prisoners during the tenure of Palestinian Prime Minister Abbas. But he maintains that Sharon was responsible for Abbas's resignation, a claim which Abbas himself refuted this week.