Mahmoud Abbas

New York Times Suppresses Kerry Condemnation of Palestinian Incitement

Secretary of State John Kerry said Palestinian incitement was directly responsible for yesterday's brutal murder of Jews praying in a Jerusalem synagogue. His comments were initially reported but later scrubbed by a newspaper historically adverse to covering Palestinian incitement.

Fatah and Hamas Working in Lockstep to Incite and Attack

Updated Nov. 6, 2014: Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, his Fatah movement and members of the PA, joined with Hamas,  continue to foment violence in Jerusalem,with the specious Islamic battle cry --"defend Islam's holy places."  The result? 3 terror attacks in 2 weeks, 3 dead, 1 critically wounded and many more seriously injured.

Media Misstate Palestinian ‘Statehood’ Dodge

News media failures to scrutinize the latest “Palestinian statehood” maneuver mirror reporting lapses during last summer’s Operation Protective Edge. A CAMERA Op-Ed suggested that pro-Palestinian blinkers again got in the way. 

Dana Milbank Sets Fire to His Washington Post Column

Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank called Benjamin Netanyahu's comparison of the Islamic State with Hamas “incendiary.” He called Mahmoud Abbas' charge of Israeli “genocide” … nothing. Not worth his notice, apparently.

Daoud Kuttab’s Delusional Mahmoud Abbas Apologia in Washington Post

Daoud Kuttab’s Washington Post Op-Ed, “The end of Abbas’s peace policy” (July 17) attempted to whitewash Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ evanescent unity government with Hamas and blame Israel for Palestinian inability to make peace. Here’s the CAMERA rebuttal The Post didn’t print: