Mahmoud Zahar

Same Old Hamas, Same Old Media?

Despite its victory in Palestinian parliamentary elections, Hamas remains the same old organization committed to Israel's destruction. News consumers might be forgiven, however, for thinking the group has reformed, because much of the American media appears eager to minimize threats to Israel and to blame the Jewish state for all lack of progress in Israeli-Palestinian diplomacy.

In Their Own Words: Hamas Leaders

Hamas, according to the United States government and the European Union, is a terrorist organization. The group preaches and practices violence and regularly espouses Israel’s annihilation. Long before Israel’s policy of targeting top Hamas leaders, the group adopted the use of terror. Indeed, the group practiced terrorism before and after Oslo, the road map, and the truce agreement (the “hudna”).

BBC Softpedals Terrorism

In its website coverage and World Service radio broadcasts, BBC continues to purvey a highly distorted anti-Israel picture of events in the Middle East. A website headline about a terrorist who shot dead three Israelis and injured 16 others obscured the fact that he was a Palestinian by stating "Israel bus station gunman kills three..."