Muhammad Abu Khdeir

CAMERA Op-Ed in Times of Israel on NYT’s Faux Fairness

Once again, a New York Times editorials issues a pro-forma condemnation of both Israelis and Palestinians – before it proceeds to single out Israel for real or perceived wrongdoings, while downplaying foul play on the other side.

NYT Corrects: There Were Jerusalem Clashes

CAMERA's Israel office prompts correction today of a caption in the International New York Times which falsely claimed there had been no clashes in Jerusalem Friday following the funeral of Muhammad Abu Khbeir.

NY Times Corrects: Netanyahu Immediately Denounced Murder

Following communication from CAMERA's Israel office, The New York Times corrects yesterday's editorial which falsely claimed that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was slow to condemn the murder of 16-year-old Muhammad Abu Khdeir.