, Nabil Sha'ath

AP’s Faux Rebellious Palestinian One-Staters

In Joseph Krauss' fictitious narrative, Ramy Shaath represents a new generation which has pioneered the novel rejection of the two-state solution, bucking the old leadership's supposed acceptance of the Jewish state of Israel alongside a Palestinian state.

Fool Me Twice: CNN Falls for False Casualty Numbers

When Nabil Shaath tells Wolf Blitzer that 700 women, children and elderly civilians have been killed in Gaza. CNN's failure to fact-check this egregious falsehood means the network's viewers are misinformed.

Another NPR Winter of Distortion

As sure as the calendar moves toward spring, National Public Radio stations turn to a fresh season of fund-raising. For listeners wondering about the status of the network's longstanding bias against Israel, a snapshot of coverage in early 2005 offers few signs of positive change. Instead, the tilt toward Arab positions continues. Sloppiness with factual precision is still commonplace.

BACKGROUNDER: A Study in Palestinian Duplicity and Media Indifference

Palestinian spokesmen Nabil Sha'ath, Hassan Abdel Rahman, Yasser Abed Rabbo, Ahmed Abdel Rahman and Saeb Erakat took the Western media for a ride in April 2002, loudly proclaiming Israel had committed a "massacre" in Jenin.  Yet, despite copious evidence of their blatant lying, the credibility of these spokesmen with the American press is apparently unaffected.

The Media’s Tunnel Vision

Starting from false premises, journalists have routinely portrayed Israel both as the instigator of the violence, and as obligated to make concessions in order to stop the violence.