Rachel Corrie

Seattle Post-Intelligencer Publishes CAMERA Op-Ed

After two opinion pieces in the Post-Intelligencer celebrated Seattle's hosting of a play about International Solidarity Movement (ISM) activist Rachel Corrie, a CAMERA guest column pointed out that the ISM's extremist ideology distorts understanding of the Middle East. The newspaper's summary of CAMERA's column reads: "Her death was tragic, but the group mentoring Corrie was geared toward more toward building hatred against Israel than toward forwarding peace."

LA Times’ Uncritical ‘Review’ of Corrie Play

In his Los Angeles Times review of the British play "My Name is Rachel Corrie," David Gritten describes Rachel Corrie as "a relatively obscure name in her native U.S," one of several distortions about the American who interfered in a closed military area in the Gaza Strip and was killed accidentally.

From Tragedy to Propaganda: Rachel Corrie and ISM

Columns marking the one-year anniversary of the death of Rachel Corrie ignored or minimized the role of International Solidarity Movement, which recruited Corrie to be a "human shield" in Gaza.