Rula Jebreal

MSNBC: Four Months of Disinformation

Common distortions include omitting the 2005 disengagement from Gaza and the subsequent election of a group sworn to Israel's destruction to power in the territory, promoting anti-Israel propagandists, and ignoring the numbers of casualties that are reported to be Hamas fighters. In addition, at least two commentators called on the US to force Israel essentially to surrender.

PBS’ Tavis Smiley Hosts Anti-Israel Propagandist Rula Jebreal

PBS' Tavis Smiley, supported largely by Walmart, hosted Rula Jebreal, billed as an "award-winning journalist" but coming across as a dishonest propagandist on his Nov. 9 show. Despite her outright falsehoods and propaganda, Smiley did nothing to correct the record.