Allegations and Libels

Tom Friedman Hits New Low

In a February 5th column, New York Times syndicated columnist Tom Friedman not only gets his facts wrong, but uses imagery and descriptions that are, in the familiar words of Harvard President Lawrence Summers, “anti-Semitic in their effect if not their intent.”

Sex, Lies and Chinese Workers

On Dec. 23, the Associated Press filed an anonymous story entitled "Israeli company asks Chinese workers not to have sex with Israelis." The story is bogus, falsely stating: "An Israeli company has required thousands of Chinese workers to sign a contract promising not to have sex with Israelis or try to convert them."

NPR Smears Israel with Skewed Charges

Aggressive bias continues at NPR, America's foremost publicly-funded radio network, with lopsided time afforded Israel's detractors. Unsupported and anecdotal charges of Israeli misconduct are routinely aired without any balance or counterpoint. Partisan groups critical of Israel are characterized euphemistically as neutral champions of "peace" and "human rights."

Measuring Balance at “Nightline”: Divergent Views Need Not Apply

"Nightline and ABC News devote a significant amount of time to both Israeli and Palestinian issues and we consider our record even on the whole," wrote Kerry Smith Marash, ABC's VP for editorial quality, in her Nov. 13 letter to CAMERA. If the Dec. 2 "Nightline" focusing on "Israeli issues"–the 27 pilots objecting to Israel's targeted killings followed by a piece on the "demographic bomb"–was meant to balance the tendentious Oct. 9 broadcast featuring the suicide bomber as victim and criticizing Israel's security barrier, then it was a dismal failure.

Lebanon’s Civil War and Jennings’ Historical Revisionism

In his Oct. 23 report on the twentieth anniversary of the Marine barracks bombing, Peter Jennings provided a highly slanted account of Lebanon's tumultuous civil war years, twice mentioning Israel as a destabilizing factor but not mentioning the Syrian occupation or the Palestinians' role in fomenting violence and chaos.

BBC Questions Israel’s Legitimacy

As a result of mounting worldwide criticism and perhaps in light of the upcoming renewal of the corporation’s royal charter in 2006 — BBC executives have taken a step to address complaints about Middle East coverage. Richard Sambrook, BBC’s director of news, and Mark Byford, head of the World Service division, have appointed former BBC journalist Malcolm Balen as "senior editorial advisor" to monitor the news service’s Middle East reporting. Eventually, this may improve the accuracy and balance in news about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Judt Labels Israel “Anachronistic,” Calls for Binational State

"Israel, in short, is an anachronism" charges Tony Judt in the Los Angeles Times and the New York Review of Books in arguing for the elimination of the Jewish state in favor of a binational secular state. He falsely singles out Israel as being the only modern, democratic nation based on "ethno-religious criteria."