Apartheid Canard,
BDS and Delegitimization

Critical Thinking: Can You Trust Everything You Read?

Current Events, a mini-magazine for middle school students which describes itself as "a leader in the educational field," carried a Special Report entitled "Will Violence Engulf the Middle East," which included many serious factual errors and distortions.

California Screaming

Throughout the United States, Jewish students have been facing a growing anti-Israel sentiment. Northern California has been no exception to this trend; campuses such as University of California Berkley, University of California Santa Cruz and San Francisco State have all seen speakers, books and protests that equate Zionism to a "colonial apartheid..."

National Public Radio Promotes Palestinian “Right of Return”

In yet another case of its promoting extreme anti-Israel views, America's most influential public radio network gave a platform to Allegra Pacheco on Weekend Edition Sunday (October 29) - where in an uninterrupted monologue, Pacheco denounced Israel as an apartheid, Jim Crow nation and excoriated Israel for policies that are routine in virtually every country in the world.