Apartheid Canard,
BDS and Delegitimization

Israeli Jews: The Impossible People at Christ at the Checkpoint

One important topic of discussion at the Christ at the Checkpoint Conference that took place in Bethlehem in early March was how Christians should related to a state founded and inhabited by Jews who reject Jesus Christ as their lord and savior.

The Global Blood Libel against Israel

Mohammed Merah, the confessed Toulouse killer, said he wanted to avenge the deaths of Palestinian children. The drumbeat of false accusations that Israel murders Palestinian children is a modern day blood libel in which the media is complicit.

Washington Post Features More Unopposed Palestinian Propaganda

"One state is enough," a March 4 commentary by an organizer of the discredited Harvard University anti-Israel conference, exemplifies a chronic problem on The Washington Post's Op-Ed page -- hospitality to unrebutted anti-Israel offerings by outside contributors.    

Deconstructing “Israeli Apartheid”

Israel’s adversaries have always charged the country with misdeeds, but only relatively recently have these alleged evils coalesced into the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement (BDS), modeled after the campaign against apartheid South Africa. As a detailed examination shows, the apartheid charges are utterly false. The activists who level these charges deserve no credibility.