Gaza Strip

Washington Post Corrects Gaza Imports Error

CAMERA staff elicited a Washington Post correction today on an article which wrongly claimed that Israel banned building materials from entering Gaza for years. The Post is the latest in a string of media outlets to correct.

LA Times Is Latest to Correct Gaza Imports Error

Following earlier corrections by AP and the International Herald Tribune, the Los Angeles Times is the latest media outlet to correct the falsehood that Israel had not allowed building materials to enter Gaza in recent years.

IHT Corrects Erroneous Headline on Building Materials for Gaza

Following communication with CAMERA, the International Herald Tribune corrects a headline which had erroneously stated that Israel allowed building materials to enter Gaza for the first time in years. While AP and IHT both corrected, NPR, the LA Times and others have yet to do so.

CAMERA Prompts AP Correction on Construction Materials for Gaza

CAMERA elicits a commendable AP clarification regarding an article which falsely stated that Israel for years banned construction materials from entering Gaza. The ban applied only to the private sector. The U.N. cites 41,041 truckloads since June 2010.

PBS Corrects Erez Crossing Error

In response to CAMERA and public complaint, PBS Newshour corrected its inaccurate reference to Erez as the only crossing point between Israel and Gaza.

CAMERA Prompts ABC Correction on Gaza Settlements

Following communication from CAMERA, ABC News corrected an online column which had wrongly stated Gaza settlements were causing friction between Obama and Netanyahu. Israel completely dismantled Gaza settlements years before Obama took office.