CAMERA Op-Ed: The UN Vote to Save Hamas

Efforts are underway to save Hamas. Unsurprisingly, such efforts include the UN. Sadly, a recent US decision at the United Nations does more harm than good.

The Media Aids Hamas

Israel has been assailed for not getting aid to Gazans. Policymakers have picked up on this narrative, pushed by the mainstream press. But as CAMERA notes, it is deeply misleading.

CAMERA Op-Ed: Linking Israel’s 2014 War Against Hamas to Today

CAMERA reviews a new memoir by Ari Harow, Netanyahu's former chief of staff, for the Washington Free Beacon and finds that Israel's war against Hamas in the summer of 2014 foreshadowed tactics that the terrorist group would employ in its war on the Jewish state in 2023-24.

The Hill Declining: Rising’s Jessica Burbank & The Peace-Loving Houthis

According to Jessica Burbank, the Houthis are peace activists targeting ships bringing weapons to Israel, some 23 percent of Gaza's young women have been sexually assaulted by IDF soldiers, Hamas doesn't operate in the West Bank and US intelligence agencies are wrong about Hamas' command center in Shifa hospital.