CAMERA Op-Ed: Thomas Friedman and the “Israel Lobby”

In the latest of his self-referential columns, Thomas Friedman once again invokes the ugly, anti-Semitic specter of a nefarious “Israeli lobby” that uses Jewish money and votes to corrupt American lawmakers in order to mold U.S. policy to Israel’s benefit and American harm.

The NYT on Israel, Iran: What’s the Deal?

A New York Times editorial falsely claims that Israel has been "inveighing against any deal" with Iran despite the fact that Israeli leaders on numerous occasions have spoken out in favor of a "good deal."

UPDATED: Rouhani Fever and CNN

As news organizations blatantly mischaracterize statements recently made by Iranian president Hassan Rouhani, a number of Farsi-speakers challenge CNN's account of his supposed "acknowledgment" of the Holocaust.

Hassan Rouhani – The Extremists’ ‘Moderate’

Early news reporting about Iranian president-elect Hassan Rouhani tossed around "moderate," "pragmatist" and "centrist." It was left too often to opinion writers and think tank analysts to supply journalistic details.

A Nuclear-Capable Iran is a Threat to America

Much news coverage of Iran's quest for nuclear weapons has been framed as a clash between Iran and Israel. Little press attention has been paid to the threat Iran poses to the United States and the rest of the world.

Mearsheimer on PBS: Nuclear Weapons are Weapons of Peace

On PBS Newshour, John Mearsheimer, author of the "Israel Lobby," asserts " a nuclear-armed Iran would bring stability to the region." He also offers reassurance that "they have hardly any offensive capability at all."