Church Leaders Mainstream Ahmadinejad

A group of American Christian leaders who met with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad downplayed Iran's nuclear ambitions and failed to condemn the president's Holocaust denial.

Michigan Muslim Leader Defends Iranian President’s Call to Wipe Out Israel

The Detroit News carried an op-ed by Mohammad Elahi, Imam of a large mosque in Dearborn Heights, that defends and attempts to justify Iranian President Ahmedinejad's call to wipe out Israel. Imam Elahi's column is laced with outright falsehoods and unsubstantiated accusations against Israel and compares the Iranian President's words to the American Declaration of Independence.

A Hole in the Story

Washington Post coverage of the allegation that a Pentagon official passed secret U.S. information about Iran to Israel via American pro-Israel lobbyists contains a striking omission. It's one CAMERA has pointed out before regarding Post coverage touching on Iran's alleged nuclear weapons program.

Editing the President

When is a presidential warning about Iran's nuclear threat to destroy Israel not news? When is the chief executive's reiteration of American criticism of Palestinian Arab leadership and support for Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's Gaza Strip withdrawal proposal similarly not newsworthy? When The Washington Post covers a speech by George W. Bush to the National Newspaper Association.