Ha’aretz ‘Lost in Translation’ Corrected

Yesterday, settlements advocate Karni Eldad wrote in the Hebrew edition of Ha'aretz that settlers "cleared stones." Ha'aretz erroneously translated that phrase into English as settlers "expelled," an incendiary charge. Today, Ha'aretz commendably corrects the latest "Lost in Translation."

New Year, New Precedent: Ha’aretz Corrects

CAMERA's Israeli staff prompts an unprecedent correction today at Ha'aretz. Akiva Eldar corrects his false claim that a Hebrew University poll found that 21 percent of settlers endorse the "use of arms" to resist settlement evacuations.

Washington Post Corrects Error About Gilo

A correction in the July 16 edition of the Washington Post addressed the designation of Gilo as a "Jewish settlement." It was the second of two corrections that the Washington Post made in that article in response to CAMERA's request.

CAMERA Prompts Boston Globe Correction on Gaza Settlers

CAMERA staff prompted the following Boston Globe correction today regarding an article earlier this week which reported as fact what turned out to be a false allegation by a Palestinian official against Israeli settlers in Gaza.

UPDATED: Providence Journal Redresses Op-Ed Errors

The following letter appeared in the Providence Journal in response to a fallacious op-ed by error-prone Palestinian activist Mazin Qumsiyeh. Qumsiyeh misstated both the number of Palestinians killed by settlers and the number of immigrants in Israel. On Nov. 1, over two months after the error was published, the newspaper finally cleared the record with a correction.