Land Issues:
Israeli, Palestinian and Bedouin

Kristof’s One-Sided Look at “Two Sides of a Fence”

In his July 1, 2010 column, "The Two Sides of a Barbed-Wire Fence," New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof blames Israel for Palestinian cave dwelling that began in 1830, conceals Israeli attempts to integrate Bedouin into towns with running water, and generally misleads readers about the conflict.

The LA Times Whitewashes Ahmad Tibi

Recently, the LA Times interviewed two politicians – Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat and Arab MK Ahmad Tibi, putting the paper's bias on full display. While controversies surrounding Barkat were detailed, reporter Edmund Sanders failed to inform readers of Tibi's support for Israel's enemies and allowed him to distort numerous other facts.

Historical Amnesia at the Financial Times

The Financial Times ignores the history of eastern Jerusalem, denying Jewish historical, legal and religious connection to the city, while validating Palestinian claims.

The Economist Parrots Propaganda About Jerusalem

If the Economist's latest on Jerusalem meant to educate readers about the complexities of the city, it failed miserably. If its goal was to promote an inaccurate, unfair and one-sided account of current events, it sadly succeeded.

Israeli Court: Peace Now Lied, Must Pay Now

In a slam dunk ruling Peace Now was convicted of libel for claiming that Revava sat on Palestinian-owned land, ordered to pay 20,000 NIS plus tax in damages, and to publish an apology in the newspapers Ha’aretz and Maariv.

Ha’aretz Tales on Building Permits Grow Taller

With each telling, Ha'aretz's falsehood on building permits for east Jerusalem Arabs becomes further inflated, despite the fact that editors were provided with corrective information.