Fox News Recycles Bogus anti-Israel Story

In a deeply flawed report aired in December on Brit Hume's Special Report, Fox News correspondent Carl Cameron alleged, without naming a single source, that some of the roughly 60 Israelis arrested in law enforcement sweeps since the September terror attacks are suspected of being intelligence operatives engaged, among other things, in spying on Arabs living in the United States.

Chris Hedges, Harper’s, and Israel

Chris Hedges' "A Gaza Diary: Scenes from the Palestinian Uprising," published in the September/October edition of Harper's, is severely marred by material errors and grave anti-Israel bias.

CAMERA Op-Ed: CNN’s King Abdicates

A striking exchange among several guests on the October 15 edition of "Larry King Live" demonstrated the difference between a journalist who adds to viewers’ understanding of a dangerous world and King’s fawning avoidance of facts which may make his guests feel uncomfortable.