Washington Post Wrong on Refugees

Washington Post's Howard Schneider makes the surprising claim that: "The fate of an estimated 8.6 million displaced Palestinians and their descendants, including more than 3 million registered for humanitarian aid in Gaza, the West Bank and nearby Arab countries, is among the central issues to be resolved in any Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement." The highest number heard from advocates of the Palestinian "right of return" in the context of Israeli- Palestinian peace agreements is 5 million.

The Periscope’s Obstructed Vision

Since almost the beginning of the current clashes between Israelis and Palestinians, Palestinian sympathizers have characterized Ariel Sharon's visit to the contested Temple Mount/Haram al-Sharif holy site as tantamount to an act of war. But Newsweek goes even further than this position in the Periscope section of the Dec. 25-Jan. 21, 2000 issue, in which a photo of Ariel Sharon praying by the Western Wall (NOT the Temple Mount) is labeled: "Sharon's visit to disputed area touched off a war."

BBC Cheerleads Palestinian Violence

In a remarkable Dec.12 interview with Palestinian human rights campaigner Bassem Eid, BBC anchor Clair Bolderson appeared indignant at Eid's contention that Palestinians should stop shooting at Israelis, and should instead – despite its flaws – continue with the peace process.

American Bar Association Journal Libels Israel

ABA Journal, published by the American Bar Association, features as the cover story for its December issue an article on the Palestinian refugee problem that is seriously marred by numerous errors, omissions and distortions. Written by Jeffrey Ghannam, a staffer at the magazine, the article misrepresents Middle East history and international law to falsely portray the Palestinians and the Arabs generally as blameless victims of Israeli aggression, where the reverse is much closer to the truth.

Camera Op-Ed: NPR and Terror

Even when innocents are blown apart by bombs, a journalist is loath to tell the story straight and place blame squarely on the perpetrator, there is little doubt that severe partisanship is at work.