Palestinian "Intifadas"

NPR’s Second Intifada

In the final segment of its seven part series on Middle East history, National Public Radio covered the so-called second Palestinian Intifada. As in the previous segments, NPR once again offered up a highly skewed lineup of experts, with critics of Israel heavily represented and pro-Israel voices virtually absent.

Critical Thinking: Can You Trust Everything You Read?

Current Events, a mini-magazine for middle school students which describes itself as "a leader in the educational field," carried a Special Report entitled "Will Violence Engulf the Middle East," which included many serious factual errors and distortions.

Jews Rampage, Arabs Demonstrate

In coverage of the current violence between Palestinians and Israel, many news correspondents are using lop-sided language in reporting on Jewish attacks against Arabs versus Arab attacks against Jews...

Media Update on Temple Mount Riots

An October BBC NewsHour report contained an internal contradiction regarding Palestinian weaponry. In an interview with BBC reporter Claire Bolderson, the head of the Palestinian human rights group Al-Haq, claimed that Palestinian police in Ramallah were forced "under the pressure" of the surrounding Palestinian mob to turn over two captured Israeli soldiers to the crowd, which then murdered the Israelis in the center of Ramallah. Bolderson asks Hazia how the mob was able to overcome the armed police. Hazia responded that the Palestinian public was even more heavily armed than the police.