Palestinian Prisoners

AP Revises Caption About Palestinian Prisoner’s Violence

After communication with CAMERA, the Associated Press revised a photo caption which grossly understated the terror acts and which severely exaggerated the prison sentence of Hamuda Saleh, one of the prisoners released last week.

CAMERA Prompts Better AP Coverage on B’Tselem Report

The Associated Press changed inaccurate coverage today stating that the Justice Ministry did not elaborate on the "mistakes, groundless claims and inaccuracies" said to be in a B'Tselem-Hamoked report alleging Israel's use of torture.

Los Angeles Times Corrects: Nahariya Not a Settlement

CAMERA staff elicited a correction from the Los Angeles Times today that Nahariya, the northern Israeli town where Samir Kuntar carried out a terrorist attack in 1979, is not a Jewish settlement. Beyond the factual error, Tempest's article was extremely one-sided, drawing a sympathetic, emotive picture of the "plight" of Samir Kuntar and his family, while completely ignoring that of his victims.

CAMERA Prompts Corrected AP Article

An AP article on Friday by Ali Daraghmeh misreported Israel's criteria for releasing Palestinian prisoners as stricter than they actually were. CAMERA staff intervened that day, leading to a corrected, updated version which was sent out to newspapers around the world. The error and corrected version follow: