US-Israel Relations and Aid

Historical Amnesia at the Financial Times

The Financial Times ignores the history of eastern Jerusalem, denying Jewish historical, legal and religious connection to the city, while validating Palestinian claims.

Anatomy of a False Allegation; The Petraeus Controversy

A partisan blogger falsely claimed that General David Petraeus warned Israeli intransigence was putting American soldiers at risk. CNN and BBC then repeated the  allegation. Petraeus denies saying it. Where is the correction from CNN and BBC?

Letter to Jimmy Carter Urges Action After Apology

CAMERA has sent a letter to Jimmy Carter after the former president apologized to the Jewish community for anything he may have done to stigmatize Israel. CAMERA's letter called for concrete actions to go along with his apology, specifically, the correction of recent false charges.

Carter, Goldstone and Gaza

In an Op-Ed in the International Herald Tribune, Jimmy Carter enthusiastically endorses Goldstone's Report, grossly inflating the extent of destruction and the number of displaced Gazans, among other errors which require correction.

WASHINGTON POST-WATCH: The Post as Prof. Walt’s Sandbox

On the eve of Rosh Hashanah, The Washington Post gave Prof. Stephen Walt a platform to reiterate the anti-Israel conspiracy theory advanced in his 2007 book The Israel Lobby, a belief roundly rejected by many of his colleagues and reviewers. The question is, why?