AP Corrects Misquote of Hamas Leader

The Associated Press wrongly claimed that Hamas bombmaker and terrorist leader Mohammed Deif, in a July 2006 interview on al Jazeera, called for Muslims to fight to liberate the West Bank.

After CAMERA pointed out Deif was actually calling to “liberate” Israel in its entirety, the Associated Press published a correction.

Error (AP, 7/2/06): The militant, known as a master bombmaker, called for the Arab world to push for an Israeli pullout from the West Bank. “It’s our duty and role, not only us in Palestine, but every Muslim in the world has a religous duty and role to fight to liberate this land, because it’s Islamic territory,” he said.

Correction (8/16/06): In a story July 2 about a call by Mohammed Deif, the top bomb maker of the Palestinian Hamas militia, for Muslims to liberate “Palestinian lands” controlled by Israel, The Associated Press erroneously said Deif referred just the West Bank. Deif referred to the West Bank and Gaza Strip, territories seized by Israel in the 1967 Middle East war, and to what he called 1948 lands, meaning the state of Israel itself.

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