CNN Stood by a False Claim. CAMERA Has the Proof.

CAMERA promptly alerted the network to a significant error in an video report about released Palestinian prisoners. Instead of a correction, the day after CAMERA’s communication, the network went on to publish a written version of the report, prominently featuring the same exact error in the first two sentences. CAMERA has now acquired and provided the network with conclusive evidence that the claim is false.

They Spew Hatred & Glorify Terrorism. But a CNN Article Depicts Them As “The Voice of All These Victims.”

"It’s about humanity." That’s how a CNN article describes one woman’s efforts to help connect Gazans to telephone and internet services. “We are the voice of all these victims,” says another journalist extensively quoted in the piece who benefited from the effort. The problem? Their concept of “humanity” doesn’t include Israelis, and when Israelis are the victims, their voices express glee.

After false hate-crime story, President Biden apologizes to Muslim-American Advocates

During a meeting at the White House with Muslim Americans, President Biden was told a false story by an attendee that three of her relatives in Chapel Hill, NC had been murdered in an anti-Muslim hate crime. According to press reports this had a deep effect on the President, triggering him to apologize for doubting Hamas casualty claims.

Excessive Force and the Israel-Hamas War

The destroyed al-Salam Hospital in Mosul, Iraq after US bombing.

Israel's war against terrorist groups in Hamas-ruled Gaza has triggered the usual charges of illegal, disproportionate and excessive force, but the analysis shows that Israel has taken more care to protect civilians than legally required, and has acted more humanely than other countries engaged in similar battles, including the United States in Iraq, Panama, etc., and countries including the US fighting under the United Nations banner in Somalia. (Photo above Copyright 2017 Associated Press)

CAMERA Op-Ed: Dear Media, Hamas Couldn’t Do it Without You

The press has helped Hamas by playing into its narrative. Post columnists like Ishaan Tharoor and Karen Attiah have accused the Jewish state of genocide while actively obfuscating Israel's efforts to limit civilian casualties and Hamas's efforts to encourage them. As CAMERA tells the Washington Times, Hamas wants their human shields. And too many in the press want to shield Hamas.

CAMERA Op-Ed: Voice of America Helps Hamas

Voice of America, the taxpayer-funded and U.S.-operated news network, is refusing to call Hamas “terrorists,” claiming that neutral language should be used. But as CAMERA tells The Federalist, VOA should heed Elie Wiesel's advice: “Neutrality helps the oppressor.”

CNN’s Tara John Delivers Another Slanted Piece

CNN Senior Writer Tara John’s name has repeatedly featured on the bylines of some of CNN’s worst pieces since the October 7 Massacre carried out by Palestinian terrorists. Between her omissions, inaccuracies, contradictions, and false equivalencies, CNN’s readers are being done a tremendous disservice.

CAMERA Op-Ed: The Palestinian Authority is Ill-Prepared to Govern Gaza

Some policymakers and press outlets have argued that the Palestinian Authority should rule Gaza after Hamas loses control. But as CAMERA tells the Washington Examiner, this notion is fraught with peril. The PA has rejected peace, supported terrorism and failed to uphold order in the areas that it presently controls.

Who Verifies NPR’s Reporting on the Hamas War?

"NPR cannot independently verify these claims" is the refrain used to discredit Israel's claims and the evidence that supports them. Not so for Hamas claims of casualties that are treated as authoritative figures that need no verification. The double standard raises the question of whether anyone can verify NPR's reporting or credibility.

Ehud Barak Misleads about the Shifa Tunnels

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak seems to say in this interview with CNN's Christiane Amanpour that Israel created the underground "bunkers" beneath Shifa Hospital. What was he talking about? The answer is he confused the word bunker with the word basement. This will become obvious when we outline the facts on who built Shifa Hospital, including the basement, and who built the tunnels and bunkers.

Damn the Evidence: AP’s Hushed Tones On Hamas

AP continues to treat Hamas as more credible than Israel, failing to label the terror group’s claims as unverifiable even as it cautions against "unverifiable" video evidence of hostages and tunnels in Shifa exposing Hamas' lies.

CNN Grasps at Straws to Imply an IDF Conspiracy

CNN has repeatedly gone to great lengths to bestow undeserved credibility on the claims of a U.S.-designated terrorist organization, Hamas. In the latest iteration, after Israel brought in cameras to show visual evidence of Hamas’s crimes, two CNN journalists in a contrived, fact-free, and specious story sought to undermine the IDF’s credibility.

CAMERA Op-Ed: The Washington Post’s Blood Libel

The Washington Post has accused Israel of genocide. But as CAMERA tells JNS, facts show that Israel is actively working to reduce casualties while Hamas is working to encourage them. But for the Post, Hamas remains a trusted source.

CNN is Still Laundering Hamas Propaganda

CNN’s mission statement claims that the network is “committed to serving you,” the media consumer. Instead, CNN is acting as if it is committed to serving Hamas.

CAMERA Op-Ed: “Glorifying Atrocities: The Case of Brown University”

After the Holocaust, many bought into the idea that the best way to prevent the reoccurrence of similar horrors was through education. If the world knows what happened, the thinking went, it’ll never allow such atrocities to repeat. But after the 10/7 Massacre in Israel, we’re seeing a much darker reality about education’s role in shaping society’s attitudes toward atrocities.

CAMERA Op-Ed: Israeli Innovation and War

In their new book, The Art of Military Innovation: Lessons from the Israel Defense Forces, Edward Luttwak and Eitan Shamir explain that Israel must be more than tough to survive. It must be smart as well.

CNN Launders Hamas Propaganda

When organized crime wants to hide profits from their criminal enterprises, they launder it through seemingly legitimate business, and after a step or two, the money is clean. Unfortunately, CNN is trying the same trick with casualty reporting from Gaza.

ABC Significantly Improves Timeline on Israel-Hamas War

ABC thoroughly corrects after reporting that Hamas targeted "settlers," uncritically parroting Hamas' false claim that "all" of its fired rockets landed in Israel, and inventing that Gazans who don't flee the north face the "wrath of 400,000 Israeli soldiers."

The Day Reuters Took a Memo from Hamas

The Reuters news agency, which banks and brokers the world over rely on for accurate news for their investment decisions, acts like an obedient stenographer taking a memo from the terrorist group Hamas in its reporting on the Gaza conflict.

CAMERA Op-Ed: The Washington Post Wants You to Trust Hamas

Both common sense and experience should tell journalists not to trust Hamas, a genocidal U.S.-designated terrorist group that uses human shields. Both journalists and policymakers, including the U.S. Secretary of State, have warned not to do so. But the Washington Post is advocating for trusting the terror organization.

Los Angeles Times: Israelis Died, Palestinians Killed

According to The Los Angeles Times, some 1400 Israeli side "died" in the Israel-Hamas war while some 9000 Palestinians were "killed." With this egregious whitewash of Hamas' ISIS-like atrocities, ethical journalism dies alongside 1400 Israelis.
Shifa Hospital Plaza

No Power in Gaza, Hospitals Shutting Down? Watch this Video

Hamas-controlled health authorities have been claiming -- for weeks -- that Gaza hospitals will have to close in a day or two for lack of power, and this has been repeated by numerous media outlets. But what Hamas is omitting is that thanks to a UN/WHO program Gaza hospitals have extensive solar panel installations on their roofs, which can supply a substantial portion of their power needs. Watch the video and see for yourself.

AP’s Selective Inability to Verify Information

Five times in the last week AP cautioned readers that information concerning the Israel-Hamas war "could not be independently verifed." All five times that information originated with Israel, not Hamas. AP treats the terror organization as more credible than Israel.

A Dictionary of Hamas Supporters’ Chants and Slogans

Slogans and chants of Hamas supporters are being increasingly heard at coordinated rallies against Israel, taking place in the U.S. and across Europe.  They are not always fully understood by those who hear them — and even those who chant them sometimes deny their meaning and intention. CAMERA presents a translation, based on the words of those who created and promote the slogans.

CAMERA Op-Ed: Hamas’ Strategy? Human Sacrifice

Hamas has a new strategy: human sacrifice. As one former Pentagon official has noted, it is innovative in the worst way. And as CAMERA tells the Washington Times, the terrorist group is counting on the media to help.
Queen Rania of Jordan

Open letter to Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan

An open letter to Queen Rania of Jordan, who in a CNN interview decried alleged Israeli "shelling" of Palestinian civilians in Gaza, raising the question of whether she is aware of how her late father-in-law King Hussein defeated a PLO uprising in Jordan by shelling and flattening Palestinian refugee camps, and expelling many of the survivors, including PLO Chairman Yasir Arafat, to Lebanon.

Is Israel’s “Siege” Denying Water and Food to Gaza? Just the Facts

Israeli Power into Gaza
After horrific mass terror attacks by Hamas, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant announced a “complete siege” of Gaza: "There will be no electricity, no food, no fuel, everything is closed." Because some have mistakenly interpreted this to mean that Israel supplied -- and is now cutting off -- all of Gaza’s water, electricity, and food, it's important to layout the facts.

CNN Leaves ICC Prosecutor’s Questionable Claims Unchallenged

Media outlets, including CNN, cannot simply treat UN and ICC figures as neutral, unbiased sources whose claims can be left uncontextualized or unchallenged. In times of war, journalists must be extra careful, too. To do otherwise is to risk playing a part in Hamas’ cynical use of human shields and civilian deaths.

UPDATED: “Jewish Voice for Peace” (JVP): What the Media is Concealing

What is "Jewish Voice for Peace"? It's an anti-Semitic hate group that masquerades as a Jewish peace-promoting organization. And much of the mainstream media is concealing its anti-Semitic agenda. CAMERA's backgrounder has been expanded and updated with evidence of its dangerous, anti-Jewish actions. The group justifies Jewish bloodshed and agitates against the right of Jews to defend themselves while promoting resources for anti-Semitic engagement and classic, anti-Jewish blood libels.

NPR Runs Interference for Palestinian Terrorist Regime

Focusing on NPR's coverage of a single incident – the deadly explosion that took place near the Al-Ahli hospital in Hamas-run Gaza – this detailed analysis is a case study of the methods NPR reporters use to bolster an anti-Israel narrative and run interference for Israel’s enemies.

The Hamas-UN-LA Times Echo Chamber

A leading terror organization has mastered the art of the echo chamber, enlisting a leading Western media outlet to falsely cast its claims as independently verified by a supposedly authoritative international body, thereby repackaging them as authentic and reliable.

CNN Deceptively Attributes Hamas Casualty Figures to “Aid Group”

CNN can’t help itself. Last week, the network was caught uncritically spreading Hamas’s propaganda that Israel struck Al-Ahli hospital on October 17th. A week later, CNN is back at it, once again spreading Hamas claims, but this time deceiving its audience into thinking the terrorist organization's casualty figures came from a legitimate, independent source.

Gaza Casualties: Journalists Must Exercise Care and Be Honest with Audience

Spreading Hamas propaganda without qualification or context is no different than uncritically airing Islamic State propaganda. Journalists must clearly articulate to their audiences that when they use Hamas casualty figures, they are relying on an internationally designated terrorist organization. The public should know those important factors that weigh on the credibility of such significant claims. 

CAMERA Op-Ed: The Washington Post Echoes Hamas

The Washington Post is failing. The newspaper can't help but repeat Hamas propaganda. Worse still, the newspaper is literally justifying the greatest slaughter of Jewish civilians since the Holocaust.

CNN’s Mea Culpa on Al-Ahli Hospital Coverage Isn’t Enough

Contrary to CNN's depiction, it wasn’t that this was a “he said she said” issue, and the network just failed by not waiting for the “she said.” The issue was that they took Hamas’s claims at face value, and then they gave the terrorist organization’s claims equal weight to that of Israel’s, notwithstanding the IDF’s claims were backed up by audio and visual evidence.

NBC Errs on Rafah Crossing, U.S. Message to Israel on Civilians

NBC falsely reports that Secretary of State Blinken encouraged Israel "not to target civilians." While the US administration urges Israel to minimize civilian casualties and to allow humanitarian assistance, it knows full well that Israel, unlike Hamas, does not target civlians. And, no, the Palestinian Authority does not control the Rafah crossing. Hamas does.

CAIR Spokesman Falsely Implies Jewish Responsibility for Murder in U.S.

Lest anyone still doubts that anti-Semitism is inherent in the anti-Zionist narrative depicting Jews in Israel as settler-colonialists responsible for all the violence in the Middle East and Jewish supporters responsible for violence elsewhere in the world, and lest they doubt the anti-Zionist/anti-Semitic agenda of CAIR, listen to its spokesman's words.

U Penn “Palestine Writes” Organizer Susan Abulhawa Cheers Gaza Massacre

Abulhawa's jubilant reaction to the Hamas slaughter of Israelis was consistent with the demonizing of the Jewish state promoted continuously at the "literary" conference. Incessant denials of Jewish indigenous ties to a land filled with evidence at every turn of those ties were accompanied by constant references to a "glorious" and "ancient" Palestinian past.

Human Rights Watch on MSNBC: Urging Civilians to Evacuate is Terrorism

When a Human Rights Watch activist was given two chances on MSNBC to talk about the situation in Israel, she used the word “terrorism” only once. No, not in reference to the mass murder, rape, mutilation, torture, and burning alive of 1,400 Israeli men, women, and children at the hands of Palestinian terrorists. Rather, she used it to describe the Israeli Defense Force’s urging of Gazans to evacuate northern Gaza where the IDF intends to strike hard against those Palestinian terrorists.

CAMERA Op-Ed: In the Middle East, a Time for Choosing

Hamas and other Iranian proxies have just carried out the greatest slaughter of Jewish civilians since the Holocaust. And as CAMERA tells the Washington Times, the United States and the West have a choice to make: will they stand with Israel and the civilized world? Or will they continue to enable Iran in all its barbarism?

ESPN Erases Evil

Popular sports network ESPN is completely out of its league when it comes to reporting on Hamas' ISIS-like evil atrocities. If the sports network is not capable of adequately covering terrorism, it should stick to familiar turf.

How Many Errors Can USA Today Fit in One Article?

The number of erroneous and seriously misleading claims contained in just this article raises serious concerns about USA Today’s commitment to accuracy. That the errors all seem to downplay Palestinian terrorism or distort the Israeli and Jewish history similarly raises concern about USA Todays’ commitment to fairness in reporting.

CNBC Sanitizes Hamas

In the span of two sentences, CNBC grossly misrepresented Hamas’s goals and, in what reads as an attempted justification for Hamas, got both the law and the facts wrong.

CAMERA Op-Ed: No Safe Haven for Hamas

Hamas has launched a devastating war against Israel, slaughtering hundreds of civilians. But as CAMERA tells the Washington Examiner, its leadership lives in luxury, far from the consequences of their actions. And that must change.

Testimony: Family and Witnesses Speak of Oct. 7 Horrors

Heartbreaking testimony by the family of victims and chilling eyewitness accounts of first responders document the pain and horror of the attacks on civilians. And they underscore the callousness of atrocity denial — including by former Palestinian Authority Information Minister Mustafa Barghouti, who told CNN viewers that Hamas didn't target civilians.

Israelis massacred while BBC World Service radio amplifies Hamas propaganda

The unprecedented multi-front attacks on Israelis carried out by the terrorist group Hamas on October 7th included thousands of missile attacks, the indiscriminate murders of dozens of civilians and the wounding of hundreds of others, the bombing of an ambulance and kidnappings. But even with these ISIS-style attacks the BBC maintained its usual practice of portraying Palestinian terrorists as 'militants.'

CAMERA Op-Ed: Jewish Statesmanship Through the Ages

Jewish statecraft has long been an overlooked subject. But as CAMERA tells the Washington Free Beacon, Rabbi Meir Soloveichik's new book provides an antidote, examining centuries of Jewish statesmanship from King David to David Ben-Gurion.

Tracking CNN’s Bias: CNN’s Obsession with Israel

Without being privy to CNN’s internal decision-making, one can only guess what factors drive its coverage of the region, and why the one Jewish state is placed under the microscope in a way that no other state is. But it seems fair to say that the content and makeup of its Middle East page isn’t being driven by genuine journalistic motivations.

Golden Globes Expels Member Following CAMERA Investigation

In the aftermath of CAMERA’s investigation, the organizers of the Golden Globe Awards removed Egyptian film critic Howaida Hamdy from their ranks. This decision followed CAMERA’s exposure of Hamdy's Arabic statements, which expressed support for terrorism and exhibited anti-Jewish bigotry.

Haaretz, Hebrew for Inferior Coverage?

Even as international media outlets answered the call to improve coverage of Palestinian fatalities by noting that those killed by Israeli fire in Jenin last week were confirmed combatants, Israeli daily Haaretz failed to update its English and Hebrew-language reports with this highly relevant information. 

CNN Omits Context & Distorts the Facts on Recent Violence in Israel

CNN’s obsessive and slanted reporting continues to leave its audience without important information necessary to understand events. Notably, the omissions all work to downplay and omit the terrorism and violence being waged against Israel, instead highlighting only the decontextualized responses of the Israeli Defense Forces.

Apple News, Where Antisemites Are Always Welcome

You just published an antisemitic diatribe on an Arabic news site? Great, come publish at Apple News! Apple News continues to give a platform to rabid antisemite Abdel Bari Atwan.

CAMERA Op-Ed: Golda, Israel’s Matriarch

Golda Meir was a seminal figure in Israeli history. As Deborah Lipstadt notes in her new biography, the Israeli prime minister never lacked for critics. Yet Meir played a crucial role in securing the Jewish state.

MSNBC’s Velshi Invents the Facts to Bash Israel

Ali Velshi spent much of his Sunday morning weaving a narrative of an evil Jewish state, threading together outright lies with material omissions to tell his false tale of a brutal, undemocratic apartheid state.

Tailspinning Journalism: The Nimbus Antics of LA Times’ Suhauna Hussain

One of the LA Times' infamous journalists against journalism, Suhauna Hussain defies the playing rules of ethical journalism with contortions and evasions. With Quidditch-worthy stunts of fictional narrative, she advocates on behalf of anti-Israel partisans opposed to Google's Nimbus contract with Israel.

CAMERA Op-Ed: New Golda Film Offers Gritty Look at Yom Kippur War

Guy Nattiv's new film, Golda, profiles the Israeli premier at the height of the Yom Kippur War. As CAMERA tells the Washington Examiner, the movie is both gritty and realistic. And Helen Mirren's portrayal of Golda is both convincing and memorable.

AP Updates: Jenin Fatality Was Confirmed Al Aqsa Fighter

After first reporting that no information was immediately available to ascertain whether a Palestinian killed today in Jenin was affiliated with a terror group, AP commendably updates: Mustafa al-Kastouni was a fighter with Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade.

CNN’s Curious Coverage of the “Middle East” in July

Of the 40 articles featured on CNN's "Middle East" section in July, 27 focused on Israel. Just five focused on Iran, and only two on Iraq. Put another way, CNN wrote more articles (15) just on Israel’s judicial reform debates than it did on the rest of the region combined (13).

CAMERA Op-Ed: The Legacy of Elie Wiesel

Winston Churchill called the Holocaust a "crime without a name." Elie Wiesel, one of its most eloquent survivors, would spend the rest of his life trying to find the words to describe what for many seemed incomprehensible. As CAMERA tells the Washington Free Beacon: that Wiesel often succeeded is a testament to his greatness.

David Remnick’s Ignorance Knows No Bounds

David Remnick, editor of The New Yorker, once again puts his fatuous ignorance and faux sophistication on display in his recent screed about Israel, Netanyahu and judicial reform.

The Economist Glamorizes the Lion’s Den Terror Cell

In much of the reporting about Israel and the Middle East, terrorist organizations are entirely absent. In a recent article in the Economist, however, terror groups are the focus – but the effects of terrorism are glossed over, and the members are glamorized as if they were social media influencers.

CNN Tells Only Part of the Story on Palestinian Attitudes

CNN has a shaky relationship with polling data. Previously, Christiane Amanpour appears to have fabricated polling results. On July 14, however, CNN’s Abeer Salman took a slightly different track by using existing polling data, but only some of it.

Jenin Fatalities Cover Up: Twelve Palestinians and One Israeli Soldier

Associated Press has yet to report that at least 10 out of the 12 Palestinian fatalities in Jenin were confirmed members of Palestinian terror organizations. AFP shifts from concealing those affiliations entirely to whitewashing the minors who were verified members of terror groups as merely "children."

Wall Street Journal Flouts Ethics with Israel Child-Killer Charge

When are gun-wielding teenage Islamic Jihad members involved in violent clashes defined as "children"? The answer is when the WSJ's Stephen Kalin is reporting and Journal "corrections" editors endorse the biased misinformation. How does this scenario square with the Journal's professed adherence to journalistic ethics and commitment to ensuring reader "trust"? Answer: It doesn't.

Debunking the Media Narrative on West Bank Violence

According to many recent flawed news accounts, the “flare-up” in violence began only with the introduction of a new Israeli government and has been driven by extremist Israelis. The data, however, disagrees. Not only did the “flare-up” begin long before the current government took power in November 2022, but it has been overwhelmingly driven by Palestinian attacks.

The Washington Post Makes the Palestinian Authority Disappear

The Washington Post continues its long-standing magic trick of making the Palestinian Authority disappear. In fact, the Authority, which rules over the majority of Palestinians, is slowly eroding. The many media outlets who have refused to hold the PA accountable share the blame for its failures.

CAMERA Op-Ed: What Led Israel to Go Into Jenin

At the beginning of July, Israeli Defense Forces launched a major counterterrorist operation in Jenin. Many mainstream news outlets failed to provide essential context about the raid. As CAMERA tells the Washington Examiner, the Palestinian Authority's support for terrorism, both implicit and otherwise, have given the leading state sponsor of terror, Iran, an opening to attack Israel.

CAMERA Op-Ed: Five Details You May Have Missed in Media Coverage of Jenin

Those old enough will remember that during a 2002 IDF operation in Jenin, Palestinian officials, aided by United Nations officials and international media coverage, spread one of the most notorious libels against the IDF: that of the “Jenin Massacre.” With that history in mind, here are five important details you may have missed in the media’s coverage of the events in Jenin this time around.

BBC’s Modern Blood Libel

After robust pushback by the Jewish community and organizations, the BBC has (semi) apologized for a modern-day blood libel put forth by one of its news presenters, Anjani Gadgil, who has since erased her twitter and linkedin accounts.

The ABC’s of Skewed Jenin Coverage

UPDATE: From a headline which reports as fact the disputed claim that Israeli troops fired tear gas in the Jenin hospital to the accompanying story blaming a Palestinian terror attack on a protesting car, CAMERA prompts multiple corrections after ABC hit a plethora of pitfalls.

AP’s Substandard Coverage: The Sub Laban Real Estate Saga

AP claims that the Sub Laban family lived "for seven decades" in their rental home, completely ignoring the Jerusalem court's key finding that the family was absent for three decades, thereby losing the protected tenant status.

CAMERA Op-Ed: Here’s How the Washington Post Emboldens Terrorist Groups

The Washington Post is running a veritable “Committee to Investigate Israel.” Despite being cash-strapped and resource starved, the newspaper has launched multiple costly “investigations” into IDF counter terror raids in Judea and Samaria. And all omit crucial facts while relying on distorted statistics.

CNN Blunders on Neve Yaakov

CNN’s attempt at providing background on Neve Yaakov packs an impressive amount of historical and legal nonsense into a single sentence.

AFP: People Shot People Dead in the West Bank

AFP reports that people shot people in the West Bank. Beyond that, the basics about the deadly terror attack in Eli, when Palestinian assailants gunned down four Israeli civilians, are rather fuzzy.

As New York Air Quality Improves, Fox Coverage Is Smoggy

A Fox Business weather report erroneously names Israel as one of the places with the world's worst air quality, along with India. In fact, the Jewish state's air quality ranks better than 40 percent of the 131 evaluated countries.

Unusual Suspects: Haaretz Impugns Rabbis, Bar-Ilan Graduates

Haaretz expands its category of inherently suspect jurists. Rabbis and the vast and diverse pool of Bar-Ilan University graduates join the paper's growing list of intrinsically compromised judges alongside those living in the disputed West Bank.

UPI’s Adam Schrader Provokes Nostalgia For Parachute Journalism

With the advent of couch journalism, we may yet look back longingly at parachute journalism. Adam Schrader's remote reporting on Israel stands out for its abundance of factual errors and partisanship, starting with the astounding claim that Israeli leaders raided the Al Aqsa Mosque.

Amnesty Board Member Shares Support for War Crimes, Terrorism, and Erasing Israel

An Amnesty International USA board member and director at a U.S.-funded NGO shares social media content that dignifies the murder of Jewish civilians, praises Palestinian war crimes, lies about the laws of war, and argues Israel will be expelled from the Middle East because there isn't enough room for the Jewish-Israeli people.

Yet Again, the NY Times Conceals Extremism by Palestinian Leader

The New York Times covered Mahmoud Abbas’s speech this week at the UN, except for the parts that it covered up: the Holocaust inversion, the denial of history, the sections that would have showed readers the ugliness of the Palestinian leader’s extremism.
Nakba day march

The Nakba Narrative is Nonsense

Since Israel's rebirth in 1948 the Palestinian "nakba" (or catastrophe) narrative has taken root, portraying well-armed Jewish immigrants overrunning peaceful Palestinian villages. Though believed by many "progressives," the nakba narrative is nonsense. Israel was not born in original sin, and the real Palestinian catastrophe is that their leaders have embraced violence and supposed victimhood while repeatedly rejecting peace plans and statehood.

Who’s Rewriting History, Ayman?

MSNBC's Ayman Mohyeldin was not content to merely rewrite and erase history. He also chose to rewrite and erase current events.

Haaretz: Hamas, Unlike Israel, Treats Prisoners of War Fairly

Hamas "knows about the ethics of war and how to look after the prisoners of war it holds," writes Hanin Majadli in Haaretz. Just try to tell that to Avera Mengistu or Hisham al-Sayed. Oh, no, never mind. The two mentally ill Israeli civilians are held completely incommunicado, in gross violation of international law.

CAMERA Op-Ed: When ‘Fact-Finders’ Don’t Care About Facts: A Case Study on Amnesty International

An Amnesty official suggested the reason neither he nor Amnesty will address concerns over factual errors is because such time won't “contribute to helping to end Israeli apartheid.” In other words, the conclusion has already been declared and the facts don’t matter. The hypothesis must be treated as correct regardless of what the data shows. This is not the behavior of a credible fact-finder.

Anti-Jewish Libels Resurrected by Christian Clergy in Jerusalem

During Easter Week, the Latin Patriarch, Pierbattista Pizzaballa, continued the holiday tradition of making false accusations against Jews – this time in the guise of politically charged allegations against the Israeli government and police.

The New York Times’ Eid al-Fitr Gift to Hamas

Raja Abdulrahim's lengthy article underscoring the Gaza Strip's dire financial situation does not mention Hamas once, a glaring omission sure to have brought great holiday cheer to the territory's repressive regime.

The Washington Post’s World View Infantilizes Palestinians, Again

The Washington Post's world view on Israel is profoundly distorted. The newspaper's vaunted foreign affairs columnist is once again depriving Palestinians of independent agency, omitting their leadership's predilection for supporting terror and rejecting peace.

CAMERA Op-Ed: Whither Abbas?

The U.S.-backed Palestinian Authority is led by an unpopular kleptocrat, Mahmoud Abbas. But as CAMERA tells Jewish Policy Center's InFocus Magazine, the end of Abbas's rule is coming, one way or the other. And the U.S. would be well advised to plan for the chaos that is likely to follow.

CAMERA Op-Ed: The First Palestinian Intifada

As CAMERA tells the Washington Free Beacon, the 1936 Arab Revolt was, in fact, the first Palestinian intifada, and it made a tragic template for what was to come. Boycotts, rejecting peace and statehood, seeking arms from anti-Western autocrats, Palestinian leaders have been doing all of these things for nearly a century.

CAMERA Op-Ed: Iran Increases Terror Attacks

Iran is growing increasingly bold. The world's leading state sponsor of terrorism has launched more than eighty attacks against U.S. service members and bases in the last two years. As CAMERA tells the Washington Examiner this will have profound consequences for both the U.S. and key regional allies like Israel.

Hate Thrives in France24 Arabic’s Social Media Talkbacks

CAMERA Arabic's newest investigation unearths unchecked anti-Jewish bigotry thriving in the comments sections of France24 Arabic's social media, with several hundred comments praising deadly attacks against Jews since May 2021.

Times of Israel Clarifies on Gaza Fishermen’s Haul

In an otherwise informative article about the Israeli navy's efforts to block Hamas' smuggling of weapons into the Gaza Strip, CAMERA prompts clarification about the impact of Israel's naval blockade on the livelihood of Gaza fishermen. Since the blockade was imposed, the fishermen's haul has increased, according to Palestinian figures.

Haaretz Corrects: Hawara Gunman Targeted Married Couple

CAMERA prompts correction after Haaretz's English edition erroneously stated that a Palestinian gunman fired on two Israeli men. In fact, the Huwara gunman fired on David and Rachel Stern, a husband and wife couple.

CAMERA Op-Ed: The Washington Post Goes All In On Another Blood Libel

The Washington Post used four reporters and expensive 3D imagery to conduct an investigation into a recent IDF counterterrorist operation in which both terrorists and civilians were killed. Yet, the Post relied almost exclusively on anti-Israel sources and failed to provide essential context about why the raid was taking place.

CNN International Platforms Antisemite to Accuse Jews of Racism

CNN International’s Isa Soares brought on one deranged racist, the United Nations’s Francesca Albanese, to accuse Israelis of being deranged racists. Lest one ponder whether Soares believed “it takes one to know one” when it comes to racists, her viewers were left in the dark about Albanese’s widely known and condemned history of antisemitism.

University Administrators Demonize Jews in the Name of Social Justice

At Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC), “social justice and equity” mean denying Jewish indigeneity and self-determination and whitewashing violence against Jews. At least that’s the takeaway from a “visual timeline” BMCC’s “Social Justice and Equity Centers” are displaying on campus.

Press Release: CAMERA Alarmed by FRANCE 24’s Audit of Four Antisemitic Journalists

“We commend France24 for investigating the four journalists but are dismayed at their decision to continue employing three of them,” said Andrea Levin, CAMERA’s executive director. “How are these three journalists acceptable at a serious news outlet? They report like opinion pundits on fringe hate sites — which is where, in fact, their bigoted views belong.”

MSNBC Platforms Notorious Liar Who Unsurprisingly Uses MSNBC to Lie

By bringing on someone with such a record of outlandish lies, and by refusing to either push back with the facts or bring on an opposing perspective that could have countered Diana Buttu’s falsehoods and calls to ethnically cleanse the land of Jews a second time, MSNBC once again shows contempt for credibility and accuracy.

After losing legally, Arkansas Times decides to lose factually, too

While the paper may be understandably disappointed in how its case against the anti-BDS law turned out, as an outlet purporting to be engaged in “feisty journalism” and “the fight for truth,” the Arkansas Times owes its readers a minimum of factual accuracy.

Algemeiner Corrects Caption on Deadly Terror Attack

CAMERA prompted corrections after a caption mistakenly referred to a deadly terror attack in Kiryat Arba as "attempted." In fact, as the accompanying article itself made clear, the Palestinian terrorist succeeded in fatally shooting Israeli Ronen Hanania.

CAMERA Op-Ed: All Quiet on the Gaza Front?

Hamas, the U.S.-designated terrorist group that calls for a Jewish genocide, has ruled the Gaza Strip for nearly two decades. A new initiative by a New York-based organization is seeking to highlight Hamas's brutal rule, by interviewing Gazans. Will the mainstream media listen?

‘One Huge Embrace of Hyper-Advocacy:’ On Henriette Chacar, Reuters Was Warned

"Her partisanship eschews objectivity and ethical news reporting, as she ceaselessly adopts the most extreme positions and smears Israel as a pariah state requiring elimination," CAMERA warned Reuters before Henriette Chacar started writing for the news agency. Her paean to a terrorist is the inevitable outcome of Reuters' failure to rein her in.

NYT Senses Moment to Demonize Jewish Settlers

Reporters Patrick Kingsley and Raja Abdulrahim expand their enterprise of vilifying Israel as the culprit in the ongoing Palestinian-Israeli conflict by focusing on Israeli settlers.

NY Times blurs, buries distinction between civilians and gunmen

A story by New York Times correspondent Raja Abdulrahim seems designed to leave readers in the dark about recent bloodshed in Israel and the West Bank, concealing or downplaying that Palestinians recently killed in the West Bank were gunmen, unlike Israeli civilians murdered in Palestinian terror attacks.

CAMERA Op-Ed: Are New Standards Coming to the Washington Post?

A recent Gallup Poll showed that Americans have increasingly little faith in the media. The Washington Post, which just announced a new standards desk, might be working to restore trust. But as CAMERA tells the Algemeiner, when it comes to coverage of Israel, the Post has its work cut out.

Terror in Jerusalem, Counter-Terror in Jenin, and False Moral Equivalency

While coming from different starting points, two journalistic misdeeds— drawing a false moral equivalency and applying a double standard — end up with the same reprehensible result: minimizing and obscuring Palestinian terrorism. Coverage of the deadly Palestinian terror attack outside a Jerusalem synagogue versus a fatal Israeli arrest raid in Jenin provide a case in point.

CAMERA Op-Ed: Multiple Universities Give Institutional Support to Antisemitism

Far from being centers of enlightenment and progress, too many universities are instead establishing themselves as hotbeds of bigotry and backwardness, embracing the kind of crude antisemitic conspiracy theories that helped fuel some of history’s most violently racist moments, from pogroms to the Holocaust.

The Washington Post’s One-Sided Reporting Continues

A recent Washington Post report is undone by its own biases and editorializing. The article's reliance on one-sided sourcing, and its insistence on misleading omissions, leaves open questions about the direction of the newspaper's Jerusalem bureau.

[Updated] Is Judicial Reform a Threat to Israeli Democracy?

The new Israeli government plans fundamental legal reforms to fix perceived vast overreach by the Supreme Court and the legal system. Critics charge the reforms foreshadow the demise of democracy. But would the reforms actually move Israel closer to the system in other parliamentary democracies?

Opinio Juris Blog Doubles Down on Double Standards

The extent to which disclosures of potential conflicts of interest should be enforced at a publication is, of course, a matter of legitimate debate. But by applying its own standards selectively, Opinio Juris has opened itself to valid charges of lacking both impartiality and professionalism.
Kenneth Roth

Kenneth Roth Reacts to Truth Like a Vampire Reacts to Sunlight

After Kenneth Roth, the former head of Human Rights Watch, received a preliminary offer of a Senior Fellowship from the Carr Center at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, the offer was not approved by the Kennedy School's Dean. Roth's reaction was to lie about his own and HRW's record, and cast blame on -- surprise -- Israel and the Jews, thus illustrating why the Dean was right to nix him.

Antisemitism and the New York Times

The NYT recently published its10th article taking aim at Hasidic schools since September, in addition to a lengthy editorial and other features accusing that community of wrongdoing. CAMERA points out the cognitive biases and lack of evidence that mar the report, as well as the risk of fueling grievances against a community that is increasingly targeted with antisemitic assaults.

A Law Blog’s Double Standards on Disclosures

Despite one of its editors expressing such a strong position in favor of greater disclosures about an author’s potential conflicts of interest at a different legal blog, Opinio Juris’ actions thus far indicate they do not apply that standard to themselves.
Raja Abdulrahim

More Palestinian Propaganda from New York Times Reporter Raja Abdulrahim

New York Times reporter Raja Abdulrahim has a long history of anti-Israel propaganda, and her latest article adds to the toll of distortions. She and her co-author charge that the IDF "never" refers to Palestinians injured or killed in military actions as civilians. But multiple examples prove Abdulrahim is once again, at best, wrong.

Reuters Corrects: Mavi Marmara Did Not Carry Aid for Gaza

CAMERA prompts correction of a Reuters article which incorrectly identified the Mavi Marmara, which attempted to break Israel's legal blockade of Gaza, as an "aid ship." The Mavi Marmara's passengers were armed with weapons -- which they turned against IDF soldiers -- not aid.

NYT Guest Essay: Propaganda in the Guise of Health Scholarship

Despite touting her scholarship and research, guest essayist Yara Asi provided nothing more than a clichéd menu of agitprop, devoid of both scholarship and research. It was the sort that's generally served up by the least sophisticated of anti-Israel propagandists.   

Times of Israel Corrects: Jerusalem Bomber Isn’t Israeli

Times of Israel corrects after misidentifying Jerusalem bomber Eslam Froukh as an Israeli Arab. A resident of east Jerusalem who murdered two civilians in the Nov. 23 double-bombing, he does not have Israeli citizenship.

CAMERA Op-Ed: The UN’s Lose-Lose Inquisitions of Israel

The answer as to why these actors are so militant about appointing and defending known anti-Israel partisans and antisemites should be obvious. A fair analysis of the allegations would not produce the outcome they so desire. Whether ensuring only anti-Israel partisans are appointed to investigate Israel or crying “smear campaign” when those partisans are caught saying the quiet part out loud, these actors are invested in creating a lose-lose game for the Jewish state and the Jewish people.

Haaretz Publishes ‘Palestine’ Map Erasing Israel

UPDATE: After publishing a 'Palestine' map erasing Israel, Haaretz editors amend the caption to appropriately attribute the false designation wiping Israel off the map to Sarendib, an organization which draws inspiration from a Hamas mass murderer.

Ahistorical Fiction Passing for Fact at TIME

The director of the film "Farha" has made clear the story is a work of fiction. She even invented the title character's name. So why does TIME call it a “true story”?

NPR Shows Its Bias Yet Again

Recent NPR broadcasts continue to echo Palestinian propaganda, blaming Israel for the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and downgrading the Jewish claim to its holiest site.

MSNBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin Justifies Xenophobia

Is xenophobia okay if one really dislikes the policies of a country and takes it out on individuals with that nationality? That’s what MSNBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin implied in a new column.

Wall Street Journal Downplays Palestinian Rejectionism

An online headline in yesterday’s Journal, “As Israel’s Left Suffers Defeat, So Does Two-State Solution,” ignored the many times Palestinian leadership rejected independence, inverting cause and effect.

Times of Israel Adds Important Data on Gaza Fishermen’s Growing Catch

In response to communication from CAMERA, Times of Israel amends an Agence France Presse article claiming that the Israeli-led blockade has "suffocated" the Gaza Strip's fishing industry, commendably adding data demonstrating that the fishermen's catch has significantly grown in the last 15 years.

As Israel Forms Right-Wing Coalition, LA Times Corrects on Threats to Gays, Non-Orthodox Jews

CAMERA prompts corrections after The Los Angeles Times erroneously reported that Netanyahu's new far-right partners have "threatened to criminalize homosexuality and ban non-Orthodox Jews from Israeli citizenship." Proposed changes regarding both homosexuals and non-Orthodox Jews are significant and in no way should not be taken lightly. But neither should they be misreported.

CAMERA & Conference of Presidents Alumni Respond to CWRU BDS Resolution

We agree that facts must be central to any discussion of the BDS resolution and the conflict in general. This is why we’re disappointed at the student newspaper's silence over the basic factual errors and egregious omissions in the USG resolution itself. To apply the editorial board’s own words, the resolution “did not even pretend to acknowledge both sides of what, in the end, is a very nuanced situation.”

Woke Antisemitism: How a Progressive Ideology Harms Jews

Woke Antisemitism: How a Progressive Ideology Harms Jews
By David L.. Bernstein
Wicked Son, 2022

Woke Antisemitism is a firsthand account from a top Jewish leader about how woke ideology shuts down discourse, corrupts Jewish values, and spawns a virulent new strain of antisemitism.

Breaking Travel News Loses Its Way In Anti-Israel World Cup Coverage

"Breaking Travel News" loses its compass, searching for the Jewish state's capital, but turning up in Tel Aviv. The early takeoff of the travel publication's World FIFA coverage crashes and burns with anti-Israel invective demonizing the "occupation" or "apartheid" state.

A UN Seminar Teaches Antisemitism, Encourages Bias

“Who’s controlling the media? Who’s controlling the strong machine?” These were the questions asked at a recent UN media seminar, where officials seemed to be all too comfortable with the suggestion that a manipulative Jewish cabal is controlling the levers of power.

The Washington Post Embraces Colonialism

Colonialism, the Washington Post told readers in 2016, “isn’t something to celebrate.” Yet the Post fully embraces colonialism when it is in the service of an anti-Israel narrative. The newspaper’s recent reporting and commentary provide ample proof.

A Little Piece of Ground

A Little Piece of Ground
By Elizabeth Laird
Haymarket Press, 2016

A story of the Second Intifada that demonizes and dehumanizes Israelis has no place in education. Yet that is exactly what Elizabeth Laird’s A Little Piece of Ground, now required reading in Newark public schools, does.

Wishing Upon the Same Stars

Wishing Upon the Same Stars
By Jacquetta Nammar Feldman
New York: HarperCollins, 2022.

Children’s books aiming at even-handedness on the Arab-Israeli conflict usually fail – as novels, because they’re didactic, and as political tracts, because they’re inaccurate. The books that do succeed are most often by Israelis, who write what they live and have no illusions.

When “Human Rights” Activists and Lawyers Fear Dissent

For all their high-minded rhetoric about free speech and expression, some “human rights” activists and lawyers seem zealously opposed to allowing debate. As a recent conference panel demonstrated, this is particularly true among those who seek to besmirch the Jewish state with substantively empty accusations of “apartheid” and “racism.” However, after efforts by CAMERA and others to counteract this behavior, purveyors of the libel – and their sponsors – now know they will not be left unchallenged.

The Washington Post Finds Israel’s Democracy Divisive

The Washington Post continues to project its coverage, thoughts and opinions about U.S. politics to the Israeli political sphere. And when its preferred parties and candidates appear to be losing, it claims that democracy is under threat.

New York Times Joins the Food Battle Against Israel

One of the most absurd fronts in an ongoing Arab/Palestinian war on Israel’s legitimacy is the inane fight about who owns the original recipe of popular food. It is part of a larger campaign conducted by detractors of the Jewish state. And the New York Times has, once again, weighed in with a story that highlights their views.

Roger Waters and the Gish Gallup

Waters claims that he’s “absolutely not” antisemitic, yet he uses euphemistic language to argue against the existence of one tiny state in which Jews control their own destiny and can find refuge from persecution.

For Mehdi Hasan, Two Antisemitic Wrongs Make Ilhan Omar Right

Hasan’s lame attempts to cast Omar’s repeated employment of classic antisemitic tropes as merely “criticism of Israel,” alongside his constant efforts to politicize antisemitism, serve as a reminder that bigotry, including antisemitism, must be combatted because it is morally reprehensible, not because it is politically convenient.

Yom Kippur in Israel by the New York Times

In the New York Times, an article about the observance of Judaism's holiest day, Yom Kippur, becomes a vehicle for eroding Israel's legitimacy as a Jewish state.

The Nation’s UN Correspondent Publishes Rank Antisemitism and Blatant Lies

Once you boil away the antisemitism and false claims, Crossette’s article comes down to the fact that a Jewish opinion editor and an Israeli ambassador separately expressed opposition to a bigot being honored with an award, and the only conclusion Crossette can find is that there is an “Israel lobbying campaign,” instead of two Jews having an understandable problem with antisemites being honored in Germany in 2022.

Travel Delay: AP Coverage Fails to Update Warning Is For All West Bank Properties

Associated Press immediately covered's decision Friday to warn customers against Israeli settlements as being located in "occupied territory" and therefore posing "high risks to safety and human rights." Yet, two days after's decision Saturday to apply warnings to all West Bank properties — Israeli and and Palestinian alike — AP's story on that critical reversal is still stuck at the gate.

NYT Promotes Apartheid Slur Against Israel in Film Review

A recent NYT "critics pick" was "Foragers," a partisan, political film on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by Palestinian filmmaker Jumana Manna. Reviewer Will Heinrich not only accepts the filmmaker’s messaging as unvarnished truth, but bolsters and amplifies it in his own words to falsely suggest Israel is an apartheid state.

Deadly Standards: Bloody Days in Jenin Vs. Tel Aviv

AP highlights the fatal shooting of four Palestinian gunmen attacking Israeli troops as a "deadliest episode," even as the news agency downplays the fatalities' violence and terror affiliations. But the murder of three Israelis sitting in a Tel Aviv bar? Until CAMERA intervened, the only thing the wire service found deadly about that incident was the cops' killing of the Palestinian gunman "who attacked a bar."

CAMERA Op-Ed: Iran Wants the West Bank

Iran, CAMERA tells The National Interest, is looking to seize Judea and Samaria. And with the growing unpopularity of the Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas, whose ruling Fatah movement is losing control over key cities, it might just get its chance.

Whitewashing Antisemitism at the NYT

For the second week in a row, the front page of the New York Times featured an article that either provided fuel for antisemitism or sanitized those who have been accused of it. The latest purports to expose the role of Russian disinformation in dividing the Women’s March protest movement, but downplays the antisemitism of the movement's leaders, particularly that of Linda Sarsour, and whitewashes the BDS movement she promotes.

The Antisemitic Rot at CUNY is Institutional

The City University of New York (CUNY) has a deep antisemitism problem. This is no secret. Reports of antisemitic incidents have been streaming out for years. What is particularly disturbing, however, is the role that has been played by CUNY faculty and particularly the administrators.

NYT-Style Advocacy Journalism Fuels Antisemitism

A much ballyhooed New York Times investigation of Hasidic schools includes multiple aspersions that feed into anti-Jewish tropes about money, greed and exploitation. These are cast without context, statistics or other rigorous, supportive evidence. It is a style of advocacy journalism that fuels antisemitism and undermines what would be better achieved with a properly contextualized and statistically supported report.

CAMERA Op-Ed: How Reporters Should Cover Islamist Terrorism

As CAMERA tells Washington Examiner magazine it is all too rare for reporters covering the Middle East to provide analysis that is free from partisanship and bias. But veteran reporter Michael Gordon's newly published book on the fight against ISIS offers a masterclass lesson on how to do so.

Iran and Reuters: Inhabiting the Nuclear and Journalistic Abyss

UPDATE: After originally casting Iranian threats to annihilate Israel as nothing more than an Israeli claim, and ignoring the deep skepticism of IAEA and Western powers about a peaceful Iranian nuclear program, Reuters steps back from the journalistic abyss, rectifying the article's initial egregious shortcomings.

Changing the Reality: Editorializing Out Front in AFP’s Bethlehem Hotel Story

Given that the Palestinian government has choices about how to spend its funds, AFP's assertion that "There are insufficient funds to meet the needs of the territory's intellectually disabled" is not a factual statement. It's editorializing. The PA has chosen terrorists over the intellectually disabled.

CAMERA Op-Ed: The Philadelphia Inquirer Hides Antisemitism—Again

The Philadelphia Inquirer has launched nothing short of an advocacy campaign on behalf of a private school teacher who was reportedly fired for her history of antisemitic comments. And as CAMERA tells the Algemeiner, the Inquirer is working hard to hide the woman's antisemitism.

AP’s War on Truthful Coverage: Remaking Islamic Jihad’s Salama Abed

By withholding the essential "detail" that Islamic Jihad claimed Salama Abed as one of its commanders, AP advances the false narrative of "war on Gaza," as opposed to war on a terror organization. UPDATE: In response to CAMERA's persistent communication, AP adds that Abed belonged to Islamic Jihad.
CNN's Anti-Semitism Special

CNN’s Rising Hate: Antisemitism in America

In the face of a rising tide of anti-Semitism, CNN deserves praise for presenting its special report Rising Hate: Antisemitism in America, but it’s important to note the report had both positive and negative aspects, including crucial omissions, such as noting that anti-Semitism comes from the left and the right, while failing to actually name any guilty parties on the left.

Values-Driven Apple News Gives Platform To Terror-Supporting Abdel Bari Atwan

"[O]ur values drive our curation decisions," said Apple CEO Tim Cook in 2018 as he accepted an ADL "Courage Against Hate" Award. Months later, Apple News granted Abdel Bari Atwan, a Palestinian-British journalist with a long record antisemitic and terror-supporting statements, a regular platform. What does that say about Apple's values?

Glamour Runs Cover for Bella Hadid

The Conde Nast publication does not seem to have bothered to find out from any of the businesses or friends who dissociated themselves from Hadid what, specifically, they found so objectionable

ABC News Falsely Blames Israeli Airstrikes for All Gaza Fatalities

ABC correspondents Ines de la Cuetara and Reena Roy falsely charge that Israeli airstrikes were responsible for all of the Gaza casualties earlier this month, ignoring that errant Islamic Jihad rockets were the culprit in a significant number of cases.

UPDATED: The Media Erodes the Jewish Claim to Jerusalem and the Temple Mount

The Western media has increasingly abetted Palestinian propaganda efforts to erase the Jewish claim to Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. Far too many journalists today accept the historic revisionism and political falsehoods put out by Palestinian activists and leaders and promote it with their own jargon and linguistic tricks.

Reuters Softens Its Reporting on Hamas

Contrary to Reuters' reporting, Hamas shares Islamic Jihad's total commitment to the destruction of Israel and complete rejection of compromise. Reuters' false claim that Hamas has softened its commitment to these essential principles reflects a softening of the news agency's commitment to its own Trust Principles.

The Extraordinary Bad Faith of Mehdi Hasan

Hasan has consistently employed these dishonest tactics to present a skewed narrative that leaves his audience not only misinformed, but entirely ignorant of basic background.

AP Touches Up Bio For “Our Heroic Martyr”

Islamic Jihad claimed Dherar al-Kafrini, killed during an Israeli arrest raid in Jenin, as "our heroic martyr." For Associated Press, that makes the young terrorist a prime candidate for a biographical touch up. 

Reuters Crams Gaza Residents into Refugee Camps

UPDATED: Reuters commendably corrects after erroneously reporting that most residents of the Gaza Strip live in refugee camps. According to the UN, around 25 percent reside in refugee camps.

Media Rally Around Palestinians

"Palestinians say Israeli fire kills teen in West Bank rally" cites today's AP headline regarding a violent clash. It's just one instance this week in which media whitewash Palestinian violence.

Mehdi Hasan, Tokenism, and the Alleged Jewish Threat to Democracy

At a certain point, when a discussion throws important facts aside in favor of a narrative that points at a perceived Jewish organization as “corrupting,” “poisoning,” and “dominating” a country’s politics, it begins to reek of a certain phenomenon known as “antisemitism.” No amount of tokenizing a “really Jewish” congressman can paper over that.

NCSS Issues Strong Position Statement on Antisemitism

The National Council of Social Studies (NCSS) recently issued a strong position statement on antisemitism statement encouraging educators to examine their understanding of the Jewish people and consider what constitutes antisemitism. It comes in response to recent attacks on Jewish citizens and an increase in antisemitism within American society. The position statement addresses the inaccurate portrayals of Jews that are promoted in schools by Liberated Ethnic Studies programs, among others.

Boston Mapping Project: An Anti-Semitic Campaign Goes Awry

The Boston Mapping Project, launched on June 3, 2022, is the latest variant of BDS poison and reflects the movement's anti-Jewish bigotry. The sinister and thus far anonymous map targets scores of Jewish organizations in New England and has sparked concern about its shocking premise and stated aims – to disrupt and dismantle the Boston Jewish community. It appears, however, to have backfired. The intense pushback by politicians, the FBI and the Massachusetts Department of Justice, has deepened rifts in the BDS movement over tactics -- whether to call openly for "resistance by all means" (that is, violence) or to maintain the pretense of being non-violent, human rights advocates.

AP Captions Strike Essential Info on Israeli Airstrikes

When a news picture fails to speak for itself, and the news caption fails to speak for it, news consumers lose out. AP captions ignore that Israeli airstrikes a) were in response to Palestinian rocket fire and b) targeted Hamas' rocket production facilities.

The Washington Post and the ‘Khashoggi Way’ of Journalism

Media coverage of Israel is, with growing frequency, more comparable to activism than actual journalism. Indeed, as the Shireen Abu Akleh controversy highlights, journalists are failing to ask basic questions while simultaneously giving platforms and awards to activists masquerading as reporters.

CAMERA Op-Ed: Iran-Israel War is Coming

War is coming to the Middle East. And as CAMERA tells The National Interest, it is going to be unlike any war in decades. Iran is close to becoming a nuclear power. And Israel will not allow that to happen.

CAMERA Op-Ed: How the Press Covered the First Israel-Lebanon War

June 2022 marks the fortieth anniversary of the IDF's Operation Peace for Galilee, in which Israeli forces entered Lebanon to deter and destroy Palestinian terrorists who were using the country to launch attacks. As CAMERA tells JNS, the war was a turning point for media coverage of the Jewish state.

Determined to Stay: Propaganda in the Guise of Non-Fiction for Teens

Determined to Stay: Palestinian Youth Fight for Their Village
By Jody Sokolower
Northampton, MA:  Olive Branch Press (an imprint of Interlink Publishing), 2021

Israel’s enemies are finding ways to infiltrate curriculum, using fashionable buzzwords like “intersectionality” to camouflage hatred of Israel. Sokolower’s book exemplifies this deceptive practice.

The Wilson Center Promotes Anti-Israel Propaganda

Although the Wilson Center promotes itself as "the nation’s key non-partisan policy forum," a piece by outgoing Fellow Laura Robson, masquerading as a scholarly analysis, puts forth a collection of hackneyed propaganda claims against Israel.

CAMERA Op-Ed: The Washington Post Convicts Israel

A recent Washington Post investigation insinuated that Israeli Defense Forces killed Al Jazeera correspondent Shireen Abu Akleh. Yet, the Post reached its verdict in advance, with some reporters accusing the IDF of a “cold-blooded murder” only hours after her death, before the facts were known.

MSNBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin Hides the Facts

MSNBC’s audience deserves, at the very least, a clear view of all the relevant facts and evidence. By omitting material information, Mohyeldin instead turned his partisan commentary into active dishonesty.

The Washington Post, ‘Electrical Engineers,’ and Antisemites

The Washington Post's recent story cited an “electrical engineer and activist,” using him to steer the story. In fact, he's a known anti-Israel activist with a documented history of associating with antisemites. To the Post this makes him a trusted source. That's “journalism” in 2022.

ISIS Flag in Jenin Induces AFP, AP Amnesia

From Iraq to Kashmir, Syria to Sri Lanka, and Lebanon to Afghanistan, AFP and AP have proven to be very well acquainted with the Islamic State flag. When an IS flag emerged last week at a Palestinian funeral in Jenin, why did the photo services suddenly seem to suffer a bout of amnesia?

Human Rights Watch Strips Gaza of its History to Attack Israel

Reality – with which HRW has a tenuous relationship – can be rather inconvenient and complicated. But if HRW seeks to maintain any shred of credibility as a fact-driven, impartial institution, it cannot simply sweep away these complicating and inconvenient factors in pursuit of a partisan narrative.

Disentangling the UN’s Latest Propaganda Publication

The UN’s newest anti-Israel “Commission of Inquiry” published its first report on June 7. The report itself is mostly recycled allegations against Israel published in past UN reports, but it would be a mistake to dismiss the report as a complete dud.

For the Washington Post, Jewish Pride is a Provocation

The Washington Post's coverage of Israel's recent Jerusalem Day reveals the newspaper's bias against the Jewish state. The Post failed, yet again, to discern the true source of the Israel-Islamist conflict: Palestinian rejection of Jewish social and political equality.

BACKGROUNDER: The Intrinsic Bigotry of BDS

The anti-Jewish bigotry that characterizes the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement has become even more apparent as BDS activists have created a local map in Massachusetts to target Jews for being Jews. CAMERA’s backgrounder documents the fundamental anti-Jewish nature of this movement and how it has become a haven for anti-Semites to indulge their racism.

Three Basic Lies in the UN Commission’s Report

Given the UN’s history, it will be unsurprising to most that the report is riddled with dubious narratives of villainous Israelis and powerless Palestinians. As is also usually the case with the UN, the report is also filled with basic factual errors.

CAMERA Press Backgrounder on the United Nations Commission of Inquiry

Today (June 7), the United Nations “Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, and in Israel” (“COI”) published its first report to the Human Rights Council. Provided below are four important facts about the COI for journalists and their audiences to understand in evaluating the credibility and content of the report, including some brief commentary on the contents of the report itself.

Media Bury Terror Ties of Palestinian Fatalities

Flags cover the bodies of Palestinian fatalities, plainly confirming the deceased's terror organization membership. Despite the highly visible insignias, major Western news agencies cover up the Palestinian casualty's terror affiliations.

The UN Commission of Inquiry: What You Need to Know

On June 13, the United Nation’s new Commission of Inquiry (“COI”) against Israel is scheduled to deliver its first report. Created after the conflict in May 2021, the COI is just the latest addition to the UN’s overflowing arsenal of weaponry against the Jewish state. Here is some basic background information that everyone, including both journalists and their audiences, needs to know.

CAMERA Op-Ed: Leonard Cohen Heads to War

Matti Friedman's latest book, Who By Fire, chronicles the singer Leonard Cohen's trip to Israel during the 1973 Yom Kippur War. As CAMERA tells the Washington Examiner magazine, both Cohen and the Jewish state were facing an existential crisis.

CAMERA Op-Ed: The U.S. State Department and Antisemitism

Despite earlier criticisms, the U.S. State Department has decided to treat Amnesty International as a credible source. And as CAMERA told the Algemeiner, it isn't the first instance of Foggy Bottom giving undue credibility to antisemites. Rather, it is more evidence of a long-running pattern.

The Palestinians Have No Nationalists

Like a sea of flapping flags proudly signaling national fervor, an abundance of articles and captions colorfully broadcast journalists' unabashed double standard when it comes to reporting on Palestinian versus Israeli nationalists.

CNN’s Farce of an “Investigation”

Cobbling together speculation, assumptions, mindreading witnesses, and partisan “experts,” CNN falls far short of proving the serious allegation that Israeli forces deliberately targeted Abu Akleh.

Al Jazeera Palestine’s ‘Tantura Massacre’ Photo Fraud

Al Jazeera Palestine passes off a 1955 photograph from Algeria as documentation of an alleged Israeli massacre 1948 in Tantura, raising additional questions about the network's credibility with respect to the killing of Shireen Abu Aqleh.

Palestinian Bounties on Jews & the Irony of the “Apartheid” Slander

Contained in all the recent slanderous reports accusing Israel of “apartheid” are the claims that various Israeli laws discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, nationality, or religion... Yet here we have the PA, which makes a distinction that is clearly not based on citizenship, as are those Israeli laws, but instead on an actual, unjustifiable form of discrimination (the murder of Jews, specifically).

Errors Exposed in Harvard Clinic’s Submission to the UN

UK Lawyers for Israel (UKLFI) and the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting and Analysis  (CAMERA)  exposed numerous factual and legal errors in Harvard's International Human Rights Clinic's (IHRC) submission to the United Nations that slanderously accused Israel of being an apartheid state.

Who Was Assassinated Revolutionary Guard Figure Sayyad Khodai?

According to Iran, Sayyad Khodai was the heroic champion of Shiite sites threatened by Al Qaeda terrorists. According to Israeli press reports, Khodai was the mastermind behind plots to assassinate Israeli civilians. International media report the former and ignore the latter.

CJR Slides Towards Journalism In the Service of the Revolution

Why is Columbia Journalism Review, the flagship publication of Columbia University’s prestigious Graduate School of Journalism, advancing the collapse of ethical journalism in favor of what Arab journalists working under repressive regimes call "journalism in the service of the revolution?"

Times of Israel Amends Erroneous Piece on Akleh Funeral

The Times of Israel updated its piece after suggesting police lied about being pelted with objects. The new piece reflects reporting that police prevented funeral attendees from making off with the casket against the family's wishes.

NY Times Goes Down the BDS Rabbit Hole In Style

Quiz time! Can you distinguish BDS from its parody? The stances of the factually and morally bankrupt BDS are virtually indistinguishable from satire. The New York Times gets lost in BDS' smoke and mirrors.

Velshi’s Rabid, Reckless Rant

When MSNBC has to excuse Velshi’s inaccuracies by claiming he wasn’t actually talking about factual reality, or that he was speaking overly broadly by using “shorthand,” that demonstrates the profound recklessness with which Velshi treats facts and accuracy.

Why the Harvard Crimson’s call for BDS is dead wrong

The Harvard Crimson has published an Editorial titled "In Support of Boycott, Divest, Sanctions and a Free Palestine." Despite the editorial's portentous style, as a Harvard alumnus (GSAS 1987) I do feel it’s important to respond in an instructive way, since there seems to be much these Harvard students are unaware of. For example, that it's silly to call for BDS when Israel has agreed multiple times to a Palestinian state, only to have the Palestinians reject it. Maybe these Harvardians should start boycotting certain Palestinians and Palestinian supporters instead.

Mehdi Hasan’s Inconsistent Standards

Hasan’s comments highlight a reality about much of anti-Israel activism. Criticism of Israel isn’t so much based on what Israel does or doesn’t do, as the activists will find a way to criticize it either way. Instead, criticism of Israel is about its existence in the first place.

RAMADAN JIHAD 2022: Overview of Media Failures

Last year, Ramadan anti-Israel incitement and violence — in the guise of a Jihad for Jerusalem — saw many in the mainstream media ignore the historic patterns of provocation by the Palestinian leadership and instead echo their pretexts blaming Israel. Media reporting this year follows the same pattern.

Reuters: Of Faith and Facts

The abandonment of ethical journalism in favor of partisanship reflects the open embrace of anti-Israel narrative which, like faith, is not dependent on facts. Under this paradigm, the historic fact of the ancient Jewish temples' location on the Temple Mount is massaged into nothing more than a matter of Jewish faith.

Bloomberg Fails to Correct on Israeli Arabs, Army Service

Contrary to Bloomberg reporting, Israeli Arabs mostly don't identify as Palestinian and not all Israelis are required to complete military service. Does "The Bloomberg Way," that is "Be accurate, there is no such thing as being first if the news is wrong," still apply?

Muna El-Kurd: Jews are Zionist Dogs, and ‘Palestine’ Should Be Ethnically Cleansed of Them

The statement also exposes the emptiness of the supposed “principles” of individuals like El-Kurd. While openly calling for the ethnic cleansing of Jews, her social media accounts are replete with cries to “#EndEthnicCleansing.” It’s yet another example of how much of anti-Israel activism is not about principled human rights, but about the destruction of the Jewish state and the denial of Jewish self-determination.
An Iranian Revolutionary Guard cadet with Israeli flag on sole of shoe

CAMERA Op-Ed: The Rise of Hezbollah

Today Hezbollah is the largest and most well-equipped terrorist organization in the world, with a presence on nearly every continent. But as CAMERA tells The National Interest, the group's rise can be traced back to the winter and early spring months of 1992, three decades ago.

A Timeline of Terror and Tensions, Spring 2022

In the spring of 2022, Israel was struck by a series of Arab terror attacks. Palestinian violence in the weeks that followed led to clashes on the Temple Mount and the deaths of Palestinian attackers. A timeline keeps track of events.

CAMERA Op-Ed: Iran is Willing to Fight to the Last Israeli Arab

Violent crime, including homicides, has been skyrocketing in some of Israel's Arab communities. But while a disinterested press tries to blame Israel, a growing body of evidence links the increase to Iran. As CAMERA tells the Jewish Policy Center's inFOCUS Magazine, Tehran is funneling arms into Israel.

The New York Times Erases Jews. (Again.)

Once again, the New York Times has taken aim at Jewish history. Once again, in doing so, the paper has shown that, given the choice between embracing anti-Israel narratives or straightforward, factual journalism, it too often chooses the former.

How AFP Buries Palestinian Violence With Body Bags

AFP provides a false symmetry, concealing the glaring asymmetry which defines this latest round of violence, and each round before this one: the Israeli casualties were all terror victims. Virtually all of Palestinian casualties were perpetrators, carrying out violent attacks.

Smithsonian Magazine Promotes Anti-Israel Tour Group

Eyewitness Palestine promotes the falsehood that Israel is an apartheid state that engages in ethnic cleansing, introduces the participants on its trips to leaders of anti-Israel NGOs, and encourages those participants to engage in anti-Israel activism upon their return to the US.

Reuters Improves Headline After Casting Terrorist As Victim

With the return of intensive Palestinian violence targeting civilians on Israel's street, language in international media reports recasting perpetrators as victims also threaten to make a comeback after having largely retreated. 

CAMERA Op-Ed: Don’t Forget Iran’s Support for Al-Qaeda

As part of ongoing negotiations with Iran over its nuclear weapons program, Tehran is demanding that the U.S. delist the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO). But as CAMERA tells the NY Sun, the IRGC has a long history of supporting terrorist groups, including al-Qaeda.

Will Ramadan 2022 Usher in Another Jihad?

On Tuesday night, a Palestinian terrorist went on a shooting spree in Bnei Brak with an assault rifle, murdering 5 people, bringing the total # of victims killed in terror attacks over the past days to 11. It followed an attack in Hadera on Sunday and another days earlier in Be'er Sheva. It comes against a backdrop of incitement just days before the Muslim holy month of Ramadan commences, and evokes last year's Ramadan violence -- the Jihad for Jerusalem that culminated in the Hamas war against Israel. To report accurately about incitement and violence, journalists should be prepared and armed with the knowledge of recent and past history.

Q & A on the ‘Apartheid’ Slur

Some questions and answers about the campaign to slur Israel as an apartheid state and to rid the world of its one Jewish state.

The Press Covers Antisemites—But Omits the Antisemitism

Two recent reports by mainstream U.S. news outlets highlight the media's failure to treat antisemitism seriously. Both the Washington Post and the Philadelphia Inquirer profiled individuals with a history of antisemitism, only to omit or obfuscate the antisemitism itself.
Robert Malley

The Iran Nuclear Deal and Negotiator Robert Malley

A new or resurrected Iran deal, supposedly intended to delay or stop Iran’s nuclear weapons program but perhaps doing the opposite, may soon be concluded. Former senior U.S. official Gabriel Noronha believes it’s even worse than the original, and that negotiator Robert Malley deserves much of the blame.

USA Today Ditches Standards in Favor of Anti-Israel Narrative

A recent column by a USA Today producer raises questions about the newspaper's commitment to its own standards and guidelines. The article absurdly equates Russia's invasion of Ukraine to the Israel-Islamist conflict, and it covers for Hamas, a terrorist group that calls for Israel's destruction.

Tall Tale: Gaza Source Powers Media Falsehood About Mountain of Batteries

History shows it doesn't take much for Gaza sources to override the essential journalistic dose of skepticism. After gargantuan flour consumption and Israeli-induced flooding, the latest tall tale hits the MRI machine-bereft territory: soaring mountains of spent batteries as high as the Arc de Triomphe.

The Cluelessness of Conviction: Haaretz’s Editorial on Citizenship Law

With great certainty and little accuracy, Haaretz's editorial posits that the citizenship law preventing West Bank Palestinians from obtaining citizenship through marriage applies only when the spouse is an Arab citizens of Israel. In fact, the law equally applies to the few Israeli Jews who marry West Bank Palestinians.

Ukraine and Israel—How to Compare the Incomparable

When Israel’s extremist critics start arguing by analogy, you can be pretty sure it’s because they don’t have any facts, evidence or logic to support their position. Their use of the Ukrainian crisis to castigate Israel is a case in point.

Foreign Policy Sees Only Money-Grubbing Jews

There’s something particularly ugly about the accusation that the Jewish State tests technology on Palestinians to make a profit. Part of it is that the suggestion flirts with multiple antisemitic tropes: that Jews are only interested in money, or that the Jews are always engaging in grand conspiracies to manipulate the goyim for their own insidious designs.

CAMERA Op-Ed: The ‘Unholy Alliance’ of Iran, Russia and China

As CAMERA tells the National Review, there are logical inconsistencies in thinking that you can enact sanctions on Russia and simultaneously release sanctions on Iran. The two countries and China form part of an anti-American axis in the Middle East, and press and policymakers should take note.

CAMERA Op-Ed: David and the State Department’s Goliath

As CAMERA tells the New York Sun, Ambassador David Friedman's recently released book, "Sledgehammer," offers lessons for press and policymakers. It also highlights stale thinking and instances of antisemitism at Foggy Bottom.

What the NY Times Tlaib Feature Represents

The latest New York Times hagiography of an anti-Israel activist has dropped. Yet another story taking aim at Israel. Yet more distortions meant to misinform.

Christiane Amanpour Attacks the Jewish State’s “Morality”

The extent of Israel’s support for the Ukraine and condemnation of Russia is a source of controversy and debate, both within and outside the country, but only someone bent on demonizing the Jewish state would paint it as a simple matter of Israel's inferior “morality.”

Newsweek Vs. History on Palestinian Statehood

The history of Palestinian governance is very brief, dating back only to the 1990s. It takes a certain level of journalistic incompetence, therefore, to repeatedly misreport this particularly short chapter of history.

Jihad for Jerusalem 2021: How the Media Facilitated the Delegitimization of Israel

The Ramadan jihad of 2021 was a violent campaign that was planned well before Ramadan and evolved into a full Hamas war with Israel that extended beyond the period of Ramadan. That war, in turn, became a tool to demonize Israel in the latest round of a hostile propaganda campaign whose goal is the delegitimization and eradication of the Jewish State.

CAMERA Op-Ed: How Press and Policymakers Got Hitler Wrong

A new Netflix film paints British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain in a more favorable light than is warranted. But as CAMERA tells the National Interest, the revisionist take is unwarranted. In fact, the press and policymakers who appeased Hitler should have known better.

CAMERA Op-Ed: Iran’s Growing Drone Menace

Iran's drone capabilities are expanding. And, as CAMERA tells the Washington Examiner, press and policymakers are well advised to take note. The Islamic Republic is the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism, and its arsenal of drones threatens the U.S. and its allies.

AFP Silences Israeli Ambassador Gilad Erdan

AFP falsely reports that Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Gilad Erdan failed to respond to the Palestinian representative's vilification of Israel as an "apartheid" state. In fact, Erdan directly refuted Riyad Mansour's assault.

The NYT, the BBC, the Jews, and Anti-Somethingism

As 2021 came to a close, two of the most influential news organizations in the English-speaking world, the New York Times and the BBC, slipped, flipped, and fell flat on their faces in their coverage of Jews, revealing how bad habits in media coverage of antisemitism, and the journalistic impulse to make news fit a pre-determined narrative, can so often lead to the defamation of Jews.

What’s The New York Times Hiding?

"[W]e are not pursuing the individuals' names." The New York Times refuses to supply details for Palestinians it reported were killed last year in settler violence. There's nothing classified about any of information, so what exactly is the paper hiding?

To Whom Was The Promised Land Promised?

To Whom Was The Promised Land Promised?
By Abraham A. Sion
Mazo Publishers, 2020

The book is also an important read for anyone truly interested in understanding the conflict, including how the commitment to create a Jewish state came about, how the anticipated borders of such a prospective state evolved over the years, and what the respective rights were for Mandate Palestine’s Jews and Arabs under international law.

AP’s Faux Rebellious Palestinian One-Staters

In Joseph Krauss' fictitious narrative, Ramy Shaath represents a new generation which has pioneered the novel rejection of the two-state solution, bucking the old leadership's supposed acceptance of the Jewish state of Israel alongside a Palestinian state.

Case Study: The Anatomy of ONE of Amnesty’s Falsehoods

CAMERA has begun documenting the range of falsehoods in Amnesty’s report elsewhere. This piece, by contrast, will focus on one of Amnesty’s lies, diving downward from there to untangle part of web of deceit underpinning the Big Lie.

Mehdi Hasan Conflicts With His Own Sources

While conflicting sources is a common phenomenon in journalism, it's not often that a journalist directly contradicts his own sources, passing them off as substantiation when they are just the opposite.

AFP Headline Conceals Slain Palestinians’ Terror Activity

AFP's headline ignores that the three slain Palestinians were card-carrying members of a designated terror organization, and its many captions cast information about their terror activity as an Israeli claim though the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade has openly claimed them.

Amnesty’s Slander: Why Now? And For What Purpose?

Amnesty International’s recent scandalous report accusing Israel of “apartheid,” as well as a similar report from Human Rights Watch a year ago, are unsurprisingly overflowing with falsehoods and bigotry. Many outstanding analysts have already thoroughly debunked each of these reports. What also must be addressed, however, is the surrounding context of this slander. Why are they being released now? What purpose are they supposed to serve?

CAMERA Op-Ed: Amnesty, the Media, and Waving Narratives in the Air

Amnesty is counting on lazy journalists and politicians to pick up the report and wave it around, picking out a random quote a staffer found that suggests Israel is a racist endeavor. They also know too few journalists these days are willing and able to perform serious journalism and ask the tough questions...

Fresh NYT Hire Raja Abdulrahim Bungles Her First Assignment

Multiple factual errors in her first significant New York Times assignment — the death of Palestinian-American Omar Assad — signal a bumpy start for Raja Abdulrahim, whose early career was boosted by CAIR awards after she published a letter denying that Hamas and Hezbollah are terror organizations.

Catholic Outlet in England Omits Crucial Fact from Tent of Nations Story

When Independent Catholic News published, nearly verbatim, a press statement from Churches for Middle East Peace about a brutal attack at a farm in the West Bank, it omitted a crucial sentence that revealed the attack was likely perpetrated by Arabs living nearby. In light of the omission and other articles published by ICN about the farm where the attack took place, readers might conclude the attack was perpetrated by Jews living nearby.

Haaretz Clarifies on Death of Palestinian-American Omar As’ad

Haaretz is the second media outlet to correct in recent days after publishing the unfounded claim that elderly Palestinian-American Omar As'ad died while in Israeli military custody. In fact, the timing of his death is unclear, with no evidence that he died while in IDF custody.

Times of Israel Clarifies on Khan Al-Ahmar History

Times of Israel clarifies multiple reports which had stated as fact that Palestinians of Khan Al-Ahmar have lived there since the 1950s. In fact, aerial photographs reveal that the site was desolate in those times, with settlement beginning in the 1980s and growing in earnest within the last 15 years.

Amnesty International’s Big Lie about Israel

Amnesty International has a long history of leveling maliciously false charges against Israel, and its leader Agnès Callamard had to apologize after her bizarre anti-Israel tweets were publicized. So it’s only fitting that in its latest report, alleging Israel is an apartheid and illegitimate state, the very first line is a blatant and malicious lie, a quotation from Benjamin Netanyahu mangled so that it seems to support Amnesty's false charges. And it's downhill from there.

Presbyterian Leader Targets American Jews

In a video published in June, 2021, J. Herbert Nelson, II, the highest ranking elected official in the Presbyterian Church USA declared that his fellow Christians need to start looking at Jewish individuals in the United States who are supporting "evil" Israeli policies, which he characterized as “20th century slavery” and “some of the worst atrocities the world has ever seen.”

CAMERA Op-Ed: Germany’s under reported support for Iran

In 2008, then-German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that Germany "has a special historical responsibility for Israel’s security." She didn’t always live up to her words. But, as CAMERA tells the Washington Examiner, her successor must.

CAMERA Op-Ed: The Washington Post Gives CAIR a Boost

The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) has had several employees and lay leaders convicted and/or deported on terrorism related charges. Several of its leaders have a long history of antisemitic statements. But don't count on the Washington Post, which portrays the group as a "civil rights" organization, to tell you any of that.

AP Corrects: Former US Consulate Not in East Jerusalem

CAMERA prompts correction of an Associated Press article which erroneously placed the former American consulate in the eastern part of Jerusalem. The Palestinian Affairs Unit of the U.S. consulate in Jerusalem was located on Agron Street, in the western part of the city. 

The Washington Post’s Selective Coverage of Palestinian Deaths

The Washington Post's coverage of Palestinians remains lopsided. The newspaper will expend considerable column space when Israel can potentially be blamed for the death of a Palestinian. Yet the systemic torture and repression that Palestinians endure at the hands of their own rulers is widely ignored.

Reprise: Sheikh Jarrah Legal Losses & Media Malfeasance

Eviction of Palestinian residents of Sheikh Jarrah who failed to prove ownership or show payment of rent as protected tenants are the center of massive international attention. Despite the sober responsibility to adhere to high standards of professionalism, journalistic performance is at times as spotty as residents' ownership bids.

CAMERA Op-Ed: The Lessons of the Nazis’ Wannsee Conference

Jan. 20, 2022 marks the 80th anniversary of the Wannsee Conference, in which fifteen men plotted the industrialization of the Holocaust over brandy and cigars. The conference was more than just a signpost of the Shoah, however. As CAMERA tells The National Interest, its lessons about the nature of antisemitism remain relevant today.

CAMERA Op-Ed: Is It Always Sunny for Hamas in Philadelphia?

At the Philadelphia Inquirer, the forecast for Hamas is always sunny, all problems can be attributed to the Jewish state, and Palestinian leaders are completely without independent agency. Such paternalistic thinking is a staple at the Philadelphia newspaper, CAMERA tells JNS

AP Pushes False Narrative That Attack On Texas Synagogue Wasn’t Antisemitic

AP advances the absurdly false narrative that the terror assault on Congregation Beth Israel was not connected to the Jewish community. Repeatedly reporting an FBI statement disassociating antisemitism as a motive, while ignoring statements from POTUS and other top officials citing antisemitism, the news agency also silences the ADL while giving ample voice to the antisemitism-peddling CAIR.

CAMERA Op-Ed: The Press Embargoes Iran’s Oil Smuggling

To fully appreciate the scope of Iran’s malign influence, the press must cover the criminal network that is the IRGC. The Quds Force engages in both thievery and terror, stealing from the Iranian people and others alike. And, as CAMERA tells the Algemeiner, oil smuggling is particularly lucrative and under reported.
An Iranian Revolutionary Guard cadet with Israeli flag on sole of shoe

CAMERA Op-Ed: Is Iran Trying to Spark a Civil War in Israel?

Iran has been using its proxies to smuggle weapons into some of Israel's Arab communities. Tehran might be hoping to spark a civil war, but as CAMERA told the Washington Examiner, the Islamic Republic is likely to be disappointed.

CAMERA Op-Ed: Diplomat for the Disappeared

Ory Slonim spent more than three decades working to secure the release of Israel's missing and dead. As CAMERA tells the Washington Examiner magazine, Slonim's memoir showcases the unique threats that Israel faces while highlighting the universality of missing a loved one.

CAMERA Op-Ed: The Media Continues Its Iran Deal Myth-Making

The media engaged in a wholesale pitch to sell the Iran Deal in 2015. But as CAMERA notes in the Algemeiner, more than half a decade later many in the press still can't be troubled to accurately report the facts about Iran's nuclear weapons program or the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

At Jerusalem Post, New Meaning To Lost in Translation

With a categorical headline alleging a Swiss report determined that the Mossad bombed European firms in a bid to stymie Pakistan's weapons program, The Jerusalem Post "mistranslated" its own careful English reporting on the Swiss investigation's unproven suspicions.

On Israel, the Washington Post’s Opinion Page is an Echo Chamber

When it comes to Israel, the Washington Post's opinion page is often an echo chamber, breathlessly repeating the same views. The newspaper even ran two op-eds by the same author in the space of seven days, both implicitly arguing the same thing: Jewish homes in Judea are responsible for the lack of peace.

CAMERA Op-Ed: The Debate Over Anti-Jewish Boycott

Since his passing, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, renowned for his fight against South African's apartheid and racism, has been widely eulogized for his accomplishments.  Less mentioned was his call for a global boycott of the Jewish state.  Such calls, even under the guise of human rights, hide an underlying anti-Semitism. In order to weigh both sides of the debate about anti-Jewish boycott and understand why so many seek to combat it, one must be familiar with the boycott’s history.

Washington Post Headline Gives Terrorist the Benefit of the Doubt

A recent Washington Post headline gave the benefit of the doubt to a terrorist who was caught on film stabbing a Haredi man in Jerusalem. The newspaper's headline tells us much about how the media is quick to blame Jews who defend themselves, while simultaneously minimizing anti-Jewish violence.

UPDATED: Barnes & Noble Takes Action on Offensive Books

As the generation of  survivors and first-hand witnesses to the Holocaust pass on, the void is being filled by neo-Nazis and Holocaust deniers who peddle their anti-Semitic lies through mainstream online book vendors, like Barnes & Noble.

Reuters Uses Misleading Context of Sheikh Jarrah Dispute to Justify Stabbing of Jewish Mother

Instead of centering the actual story – a stabbing attack – the headline centers the attacker, framing her as a victim for facing “eviction” and being “held.” No evidence is provided that the property dispute actually motivated the attack. The article's lede about "long-running tensions in the neighborhood" similarly turns the story into the justification of a violent attack by a Palestinian teen girl on a Jewish mother in front of her young children. 

The Washington Times Covers Antisemitism on the Far Left

A recent Washington Times report highlights the growing antisemitism of the far left. The newspaper should be commended for covering a topic that many outlets fail to address. However, the report omitted key details about institutions and individuals who are promoting hatred of Jews and the Jewish state.

Christian Century Misreports Israel’s Response to Settler Violence While Downplaying Palestinian Attacks

In an article about Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett (above), Christian Century misleads its readers about violence against Palestinians in the West Bank, falsely declaring that Israeli officials have not responded publicly to these attacks. The same article omits numerous attacks on Israelis, falsely declaring that Israeli attacks on Palestinians are "unprovoked." Why is the magazine omitting this context from its reportage on conflict in the Holy Land?

Academia and the Dehumanization of Jews

The event instead turned into an exposé of the dangerous and violent bigotry of anti-Israel extremists on campuses. Featuring university professors, students, and alumni – and even representatives of terrorist-linked groups – the virtual event illustrated a growing trend of academics attempting to normalize antisemitism and even terrorism.

CAMERA Op-Ed: POLITICO’s Biased Report on Biden and Israel

POLITICO's latest report on Israel is replete with misleading omissions and distortions. Reporter Nahal Toosi fails to disclose the documented links between several NGOs and terrorist groups. Worse still, she treats them as credible sources.

CAMERA Op-Ed: The Washington Post Gets Lost on Its Israel Road Trip

The Washington Post takes a road trip to try and figure out why there isn't a Palestinian state. Yet, as CAMERA tells JNS, in more than 4,000 words and 40 photographs, three Post reporters were unable to note the obvious reason: Palestinian rejectionism.

CAMERA Op-Ed: The Palestinian Authority is on the Precipice

The future of the Palestinian Authority is bleak. The PA is led by an unpopular octogenarian, Mahmoud Abbas, who is currently in the sixteenth year of a four year term. Yet, violence has engulfed areas under the PA's control and ominously residents of Hebron have called for the King of Jordan, not Abbas, to end it.

CAMERA Op-Ed: The Iranian Regime is the Problem

The Islamic Republic of Iran has ramped up its terrorist attacks, using proxies to attack American soldiers in Syria, to target Israeli businessmen in Africa and to obstruct shipping lanes and global commerce. Yet, as CAMERA noted in the Washington Examiner, policymakers and the press have been slow to catch up.

Los Angeles Times Bias Takes Off In Airport Settlement Story

In the eyes of The Los Angeles Times, Israeli plans to advance plans to build Jewish homes in Jerusalem are an "obstacle to peace" of the first order, demanding a page-one, 1,000 word story. The actual murder of an Israeli citizen and the arrest of dozens of terrorists with plans and means to inflict mass casualties is not a story at all.

New York Times Corrects on Western Wall

CAMERA prompts correction of a New York Times story referring to the Western Wall as "the last remaining part of an ancient Jewish temple that was destroyed in antiquity." The wall was a retaining wall of the Temple Mount, not part of the Temple itself, and is one of many surviving remains of the complex.

The New York Times, Breaking the Silence and a Film About Hebron

It is no wonder the New York Times' recent Op-Doc (op-ed documentary film) about Israel was a biased Breaking the Silence film that demonizes and delegitimizes Israel's military and Hebron’s Jewish residents. After all, the film represents the current mindset at a newspaper committed to villifying the Jewish state, its leaders and institutions.

In NY Times, Hagiography of a Hatemonger Misinforms Readers

The New York Times tells readers that Refaat Alareer, a professor who who incessantly dehumanizes "Zios" on Twitter, is a different man in the classroom, teaching students to appreciate Israeli poetry and, through, that, to humanize Israelis. This, though, is pure fiction. (Updated with information on newspaper's Editors' Note)

Token and Imaginary Israelis: How to Deny Israel a Voice

What do you do when you’re a journalist or the United Nations and you want to talk about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but the thought of giving representative Israelis a voice makes you gag? Simple: find a fringe token Israeli or, if you’re feeling extra bold, just invent an “Israeli” and speak for him!

In Miss Universe Pageant Article, AFP Applies Cover Up to BDS Blemishes

AFP's article on the South African decision to sever ties with Miss South Africa in light of her refusal to cave to demands that she cancel her appearance in Israel reads like a BDS press release, covering up the anti-Israel movement's intimidation and harassment tactics.

Mehdi Hasan Prods John Legend Swipe at Israel

Singer John Legend seems to have joined the ranks of pop-culture celebrities with little or no expertise in the Middle East publicly airing inaccurate views on the subject.

AFP Transfers Ethiopian Jews to the West Bank

The international media's tendency to see Israel through the narrow lens of its presence in the disputed West Bank leads to bizarre outcomes at times. Thus, AFP falsely reports that "many" Ethiopian Israelis live in the disputed territory, when in fact the real figure is less than 2 percent.

CAMERA Op-Ed: Israel Cracks Down on Tax-Deductible Terrorism

The Israeli government's recent decision to designate six NGOs for their terrorist ties has sparked condemnations from press and policymakers. But as CAMERA tells the Washington Examiner, the evidence of these links has long been in the public domain.

Updated: CAMERA Warns New Zealand Film Festival About Deceptive Zinshtein Documentary

The New Zealand Film Festival (NZFF) is currently showing the dishonest film, "'Til Kingdom Come" produced by filmmakers Maya Zinshtein and Abraham (Abie) Troen. CAMERA has sent a letter NZFF asking that it warn its viewers about the problems with this film, which was marred by two doctored quotes and numerous other problems when it was first shown to viewers in late 2020.

False Accusations Repudiated at Wiesel Memorial Lecture

Elisha Wiesel, son of Holocaust survivor and Nobel Laureate, Elie Wiesel had a powerful message for students at Boston University on November 8, 2021. "My father believed in the power of students, especially at this university. You all have choices to make. I know my father's legacy and I am doing my best to live it. I know you will too," he said.

Reuters, AP Paper Over Internal Palestinian Discord On Sheikh Jarrah

At Reuters and AP, the Sheikh Jarrah players fill clearly delineated roles: The Palestinian families stand in a united front against Israel's usurping settlers. Internal Palestinian discord clashes with that tidy narrative and is erased from the selective frame.

The Washington Post and Foreign Policy Magazine Provide Cover for Terror-Linked NGOs

The Washington Post and Foreign Policy Magazine are providing cover for non-profit organizations that have been linked to terrorist groups. Both outlets studiously avoided providing readers with publicly available information highlighting the ties between recently designated NGOs and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, a terrorist organization that beheads Jewish infants.

Elisha Wiesel to Speak at BU Memorial Lecture on Monday, Nov. 8

Elisha Wiesel, son of Auschwitz survivor and Nobel Laureate Eli Wiesel, will be speaking at a memorial lecture offered in his father’s name at Boston University on Monday Nov. 8, 2021. Elisha Wiesel’s lecture comes at a particularly dramatic time. Last week, BU hosted Rev. William Barber II, well known for his anti-Israel polemics, as an Elie Wiesel Memorial speaker

CAMERA Op-Ed: William Barber Distances Himself From Anti-Zionism at Lecture Honoring Elie Wiesel

It appears Rev. Dr. Barber, II has concluded that Israel-bashing and Jew-baiting are losing strategies when it comes to garnering influence and prestige in American society. It might even be reasonable to hope that Barber has learned the lessons of the Women’s March in 2018 and the Black Lives Matter Movement which suffered irreparable damage to their credibility by becoming vehicles for Israel-bashing and Jew-baiting in American society.

CAMERA Op-Ed: Who is Trying to Mainstream Holocaust Denial and How?

Target's removal of two dozen Holocaust-denial and anti-Semitic conspiracy books marketed on its website, in the wake of CAMERA's exposé is commendable, as its apology for its “error in having these books available on,” but it is only once chapter of a disturbing story whose conclusion is not yet obvious.

CAMERA Op Ed: Oberlin Protects Professor Who Supported Mass Murder and Violence in Iran

The Board of Trustees at Oberlin must be very proud — because the college has now given cover to a former Iranian diplomat who called for Israel’s destruction at the UN, and according to Amnesty International, worked to obscure a round of mass murders perpetrated in 1988. These days, the professor in question — Mohammad Jafar Mahallati — is preaching a message of “friendship” to his students at Oberlin, as if he never uttered the hateful things he said about Israel, or covered up mass murder.

CAMERA OP-ED: For CNN, Dead Jews Don’t Count

Sometimes, all it takes is a catchy phrase to perfectly capture the moral absurdity or obscenity of a moment — and help people understand the danger. The titles of two recent books — “People Love Dead Jews” by Dara Horn and “Jews Don’t Count” by David Baddiel — seem to fit the bill. I propose a slight revision of these two sayings. I make this proposal after analyzing a six-part CNN series purportedly covering the history of Jerusalem, entitled “Jerusalem: City of Faith and Fury.” My new phrase: “CNN loves when dead Jews don’t count.”

AFP Corrects: Egypt Also Borders Gaza

AFP corrects after erroneously reporting that Gaza "is fenced in on three sides by Israel." In fact, Egypt sits on one of the three land borders.

Associated Press: Advancing Partisanship in Israel Coverage

The AP once again tramples over its lofty mission of providing "world-class journalism" in pursuit of “advancing the power of facts.” Instead of reporting any of the open source material tying the newly blacklisted Palestinian organizations to PFLP, Joseph Krauss pushes partisanship.

Updated: Anti-Israel Polemicist to Give Wiesel Memorial Lecture at Boston University

Rev. Dr. William Barber II, the former president of the North Carolina Chapter of the NAACP who regularly refers to Jesus as “a brown-skinned Palestinian Jew” and who in 2018 falsely accused Israel of “targeting” Palestinian children “simply because they want freedom,” is scheduled to give the Elie Wiesel Memorial Lecture at Boston University’s Elie Wiesel Center for Jewish Studies on Wednesday, Oct. 27, 2021.

Updated: Target Removes Holocaust Denial Books Following CAMERA’s Exposè

Increasing assaults on Holocaust memory and the concomitant rise in anti-Semitism is not limited to Europe, but is being mainstreamed in the U.S., including by one of America’s largest retail corporations that is part of the S&P 500 index -- Target. Whether through choice, negligence or ignorance, Target has allowed its online bookselling platform to become a repository of Holocaust denial and anti-Semitism by an international coterie of Holocaust deniers.