Anti-Israel Indoctrination Continues In Newton Public High School

The anti-Israel indoctrination of high school students in Newton, Massachusetts continues. A teacher inculcates students with a deeply flawed history of the Arab-Israeli conflict in a senior elective class, while the superintendent assures parents that all is well.

CAMERA Op-Ed: Anti-Israel Ideology Tarnishes Brown University

Brown University's contribution to a growing trend of antisemitic views among young Americans is notable, not only for the extremist ideology promoted on campus by its Center for Middle East Studies but also because it aims to shape even younger minds through its Choices Program, a social-studies curriculum for high schoolers that includes units informed by the same radical ideology.

CAMERA Op-Ed: Brown University Sends a Message that Extremism Works

As American universities are aflame with extremism, antisemitism, and lawlessness, universities have only themselves to blame for the decades-long promotion of faculty members who abuse their role to indoctrinate students in “resistance”. By rewarding bad behavior over respectful dialogue, they are sowing the seeds of yet more chaos and lawlessness.

CAMERA Report: Brown University’s Choices Curriculum is a Platform for Anti-Zionist Narrative

CAMERA has just published its investigation of the Choices Program's curriculum pertaining to Zionism, Israel and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Replete with historical revisionism and anti-Zionist tropes ,it whitewashes Palestinian aggression and terrorism, erases Hamas’ stated goals and genocidal intent and portrays the existence of the Jewish state as illegitimate. Such a curriculum can only fuel the growing antisemitism in U.S. classrooms.

CAMERA Op-Ed: Harvard excludes rather than includes the Jews

Despite hiring so many presumably brilliant minds and sinking millions into addressing the issue of diversity, equity and inclusion, the best answer to antisemitism the university could come up with was “hide the Jews.”  

CAMERA Op-Ed: Anti-Israel Crybullies and the Free Speech Inversion

As defined at, a crybully is “a person who self-righteously harasses or intimidates others while playing the victim, especially of a perceived social injustice.” It’s a particularly accurate label for the crowd of anti-Israel activists who have spent decades working to silence and intimidate Jewish and Israeli voices on campuses while also portraying themselves as victims of an attack on their free speech.

CAMERA Op-Ed: “Glorifying Atrocities: The Case of Brown University”

After the Holocaust, many bought into the idea that the best way to prevent the reoccurrence of similar horrors was through education. If the world knows what happened, the thinking went, it’ll never allow such atrocities to repeat. But after the 10/7 Massacre in Israel, we’re seeing a much darker reality about education’s role in shaping society’s attitudes toward atrocities.